Mah First Tattoo


My first ever tattoo

I am really psyched about having my very, very first tattoo. It’s just a simple one, yet apparently, it’s one of the hardest ones to make: it’s a barcode. And straight lines are a major pain for tattoo artists, or so we’ve been told. The other? A perfect circle. Tough. I’m planning to get a perfect circle logo-esque tattoo next time. Unahin na ang mahirap? 😛

I think I’m already daydreaming what to get next. It wasn’t really painful. Then again I do have a high tolerance for pain. It was mahapdi in parts, but what the hey. I wanted to get one. No pain, no gain! And another one from my bucket list is now crossed out. I’m on a freakin’ roll! 😀

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Starting Fresh

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Confucius

Which is totally true. Confucius is mah man. I gotta listen to him more often. He provides valuable insight.

So moving on, Hi, readers (as if may readers talaga to e no, hehe). This is Ralph, another one of those pseudo-writer types expressing his mundane thoughts through the medium known as… THE BLOG! This is actually my… er, I think third attempt. The first one was back when I was still active on Friendster (an account which I promptly killed after I’ve cheated with Facebook). My blogspot was, for all intents and purposes, an experiment, and was not even meant to be a sounding board for all the mishaps that happen in life.

So anyhoo, Hello, WordPress. Good to be here. I’m starting to like the place. May I feel obligated and inspired to fill your hallowed spaces with more of my everyday inanities and misadventures. And a peanut brittle or two.

As I go along this path called life (*sniff*), there will be restaurants to be tried, films to be watched (and rewatched, if I deem it entertaining enough), desserts to be devoured, places to trudge through, sights to behold, so on and so forth. I’d just like to, little ol’ humble me, give my take on the subject matters that I’ll be tackling on a randomly regular basis (labo). Flor, select!

I like to travel, so that’s a plus, I guess. I can recommend many things for every taste level. Well, maybe higher than average, although I do try to get my hands dirty once in a while.

So, thank you, WordPress, for providing a much needed sanctuary. Hope to update this thing as often as possible. Hihiramin ko na lang yung laptop ni mommy tas sa Starbucks Tagaytay ako mag-uupdate. Hahahahaha…


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