I resolve to…

1.) Eat healthier. Granted eating out and having food delivered may not be totally out of the picture, but I’ll be leaning towards better food choices. Will do extensive research. Time for a new body of work, boy!

2.) Complete the first 90 days of Classic P90X, then go from there. I won’t get ahead of myself, but I just might try Shaun T’s Insanity as well. Committing to exercise is mostly mental, anyway. God help me. 🙂

3.) Pay my debts and save money. Gotta beef up my financial health too.

4.) Complete the requirements for UPD’s MFA course, so that if ever I decide to apply, I’ll have everything I need.

5.) Learn a new software. I’m thinking Flash and Dreamweaver. And I also want to amp up my game with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Gotta be competitive, yo.

6.) Enroll in a class that interests me. Music, dance, sports, or something. I also gotta spread out. I love meeting new people. 🙂

7.) Design the two tattoos that I’ll be getting this year. It has to be perfect.

8.) Make more art. I haven’t really been creating anything since I graduated, so I really miss it. Time to buy new materials!!!

9.) Try something new every week, if possible. What’s life for if not for living, yeah?

10.) Visit Dr. Mangubat and discuss my options. Hehehe…

11.) Support a child via World Vision, if I’m financially able. I know it’s not going to take much, but I’d rather be able to see it through rather than stop donating mid-way because I lack the funds.

12.) Be more active in protecting the environment. There’s no time like the present to battle for Mother Earth!

13.) Blog more. This is related to all the things I’ll be doing. It’s sort of an online journal anyway.

14.) Travel more. There’s so much to see and experience. I haven’t even been to all 7,107 islands. 🙂

15.) Be more cultured. See plays, watch art films, read more books, experience different cuisines, get immersed in poetry, language, art, music, dance, culture, everything. Beauty is there to be appreciated in every form, and I will do just that.

16.) Volunteer for a cause I believe in.

17.) Be more mature. And remain a kid at the same time. There has to be a balance.

18.) Stop procrastinating about every single thing. I must make “Just Do It” my mantra for 2011.

19.) Reorganize my things at home, and my life as well.

20.) Be a better human being, friend, brother, son, lover. There’s always room for improvement.

Happy New Year!




Drinking Binge

I’ve taken a liking to hard liquor just a few years ago, at my previous company. Before then, I only usually consume beer, and not the light kind. Those light ones tend to taste… I dunno, weird? For me at least. Batang Red Horse ako e.

But even though I’ve developed a taste for alcohol (my faves include vodka, tequila, whiskey and rum), I’ve never actually had an inkling to drink on my own. And here at home, I even have several bottles of wine and cheap vodka. But I never even attempt to open them.

All of that is thrown out the window, because as I’m typing this, I’m getting kinda drunk. I made a cocktail of sorts, a recipe by my sister’s colleague, to bring to a class reunion a few months back. We didn’t get to finish the entire thing so I brought home the spoils and mom poured it all in a used brandy bottle for storage. Now I’m drinking it and well… The alcohol’s more powerful, I think.

I’m drunk-blogging, basically. Really.

So cheers! To… Whatever. The New Year? Maybe. maybe it’ll bring in bigger, better and brighter things.

Short post. Won’t bother the blogosphere. Yeehaw. And yes, I’m kinda tipsy, but I can still spell good even if I’m wasted.

All Grown-Up Christmas

I’m beginning to not like Christmas.

Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved the season. The cool weather, the gifts, the pamaskos, the caroling, the Christmas specials, the decorations, seeing sparkly things around the metro, everything. I just inhaled Christmas and all I exhaled were wonderful things.

Fast-forward to my twenties, things got a bit ugly. Especially when I got a job. It’s really okay for me to spend money on gifts and such, especially for my family and friends. I mean, who wouldn’t?

But the annual tirade from some people jokingly asking for their gifts and such, it can be tiring. Some of them are even related to me by blood. I even have one specific aunt, who, by no known reason, tends to say and do the most blood-boiling things.

A little back-story. My sister and I went home to the province since that’s where mom lives, and we spent Christmas at her place this year. We also brought along a new dog since we can’t keep him in our place here in Manila. They don’t allow it in the condo, you see. Anyway, after we had our Christmas day lunch, this aunt (let’s just name her Aunt J) called my other aunt (Aunt P), saying they’ve been calling from outside mom’s gate for the past few minutes already. So mom let them in. Aunt J, her two daughters, and some of her grandchildren.

Big sis and I went off to wash the plates, and upon seeing us, Aunt J exclaims “Uy, nandito pala kayo, dalawa ang pamamaskuhan ko!” And I automatically raised my right eyebrow. “Uh, tita,” I said, frowning. “Wala akong inaanak sa inyo, no.”

“Ah, ganun ba. Eh ako naman ang mamamasko,” she explicitly added.

“KAPAL!” I said in my head.

“Tita, hindi naman kita inaanak,” ate calmly said.

“Ah, ganun ba?” she replied, lamely.

I didn’t even bother to kiss her on the cheek as a greeting. Bad trip na ko e. Imagine, tita mo na wala naman naging papel sa buong buhay mo, porke may trabaho ka na e hihingan ka ng pamasko? Kapal muks! Pasalamat sya at pasko kundi siguro may nasabi pa akong masama sa kanya. Ganun din kasi sya nung umuwi yung isa kong pinsan galing London a few years ago. Nasan daw pasalubong para sa kanya. WTF? Baket?

Eto pa, after nila kumain (uninvited ha), nagpaalam na agad, kesyo daw baka di na pumunta si tito (asawa nya) so babalikan na nila sa bahay. Eat-and-run lang talaga. Di na rin ako nagpaalam sa kanila, puta.

Lesson? Wag maging katulad nila. Walang manners at all. Sarili lang ang importante. Ok lang naman na makikain sila and everything, pero yung sobrang apparent na nandun lang sila para makikain and nothing else, di man lang nakibalita and such, stayed for a few hours para makipagkwentuhan, be mildly interested sa mga buhay namin, e ibang klaseng kakapalan na ng mukha. This is just one of her many, many antics na automatic roll-eyes ang reaction ko, with a big sigh. *Sigh*

Isa pang lesson? For me kasi, Christmas is the season to let the people dear to you know how much you love them. I mean, of course hindi na mawawala yung gift-giving and such, pero iba na yung you ask for it. Kaya nga “gift” e, freely given. Walang kapalit, bukal sa kalooban. Saka for me, unless close kayo nung tao, wala kang karapatan ever to say “Uy, regalo ko ha.” That just spells how cheap a person is.

Ok. Rant over. Better just let the bad vibes go, inhale the Christmas that was so that the forthcoming celebrations become just as wonderful, if not more. On to 2011! 400th anniversary pa ng school ko. Yeba!


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TV Shows

I’ve spent the majority of the past 2-3 months catching up on my favorite TV series. I’ve watched plenty of TV before, but between going on overtime for work and late night gimiks, I haven’t been able to keep up with the schedule of the shows. I’ve tried the internet streaming, but looking for servers can be tricky, and if ever I do find a good one, it comes with a price. And since I have crappy internet, downloading’s also buggy. And buying DVDs: not good. Usually pa hindi naman kumpleto yung laman nung disc, or low quality. Hassle naman papalitan.

So I’ve been patient. I watch using available Megavideo links, although after viewing for 66-72 minutes, you’ll have to wait 54 minutes before you can continue viewing unless you’re a premium member. See? Comes with a price.

Anyway, before I try to catch a lot of shows: Weeds, Dexter, PrisonBreak, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Gilmore Girls, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, FlashForward, The Big Bang Theory, Big Love, Gossip Girl, etc.

Four of those shows are kaput. Some of ’em I got tired of. Others I just failed to catch. Or I did buy a DVD to watch non-stop but the DVD won’t play after some time.

Currently, I’m playing catch-up on two shows. After I’ve caught up, I’ll be doing the same for the shows that I’ve missed entire seasons of.

Grey’s Anatomy is one such series I’m not letting go of.

The cast of Grey's Anatomy Season 7

Why do I like this show? Coz it’s probably the first show to ever make me experience bouts of laughter and crying fits in each and every episode. It never fails to deliver. I know the characters are fictional, but you can relate to them, and most of them are damaged goods. Certain events propel the story forward, but this show is mainly character-driven. The cast has evolved into a mixed bag of personalities, sometimes clashing, but otherwise they gel well together. Some characters you just love, other you just love to hate, but most of them you miss after maybe weeks of waiting. Then you watch a new episode and you fall in love with the characters more and more.

My favorite doctors are probably Dr. Cristina Yang, Dr. Miranda Bailey, Dr. Owen Hunt, Dr. Teddy Altman, Dr. Callie Torres and Dr. Arizona Robbins. I like that they are complex characters, and the actors who portray them certainly do an excellent job of bringing their respective characters to life.

And for a show with a huge cast, the creators are certainly able to focus on most of them per episode. Not an easy feat!

The other show that I’m currently catching up on is a spin-off of Grey’s Anatomy: Private Practice. I just think that Shonda Rhimes is a genius now.


Cast of Private Practice Season 4

Private Practice delivers the emotional wrench that Grey’s offers, only the medicine is little bit more relaxed. And it also makes me feel smiley and weepy per episode, although as I have observed, not as extreme as what I experience when I watch Grey’s. But I care about the characters just the same.

My fave character in this series is Dr. Addison Adrianne Forbes Montgomery (formerly née Shepard. Long name, huh?), a world-class neonatal surgeon board certified in two specialties (Obstetrics and Gynecology), played by the very beautiful and talented Kate Walsh. Other faves are Dr. Cooper Freedman and Dr. Charlotte King, but I love them as a couple more (I root for them ♥). And I grew to love Dr. Naomi Bennett since the actress who portrays her is pretty darn amazing (Audra McDonald).

I’m also going to catch up on Dexter (Michael C. hall is just amazing). And the other shows? Maybe after I’ve watched these and have nothing else to watch.

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Wala na akong pera, sa totoo lang. Ubos na yung 13th month ko, may utang pa ko. Well, actually hindi pa naman sya ubos na ubos… Ata.

Pero all I can say is that walang tatalo sa experience na maglamyerda sa isang lugar na either a.) you love; or b.) you’ve never been to. Which is what I did in a span of two weeks. Or three ata. Ah, basta, 2 weeks yung pagitan nila. Yun na yon.

So first stop? Camiguin and Cagayan de Oro!


To the Old Volcano
Sunken Cemetery
The Hand. Na pwede ka mag-wish.
I love sunsets

Well, actually lahat yan sa Camiguin lang, since yun naman talaga gusto kong puntahan. Pero since accessible lang sya thru Cagayan de oro (well, Bohol pwede din pero sawa na ko sa Bohol e), e nag-stay din kami overnight sa CDO.

Masasabi ko naman na kahit papaano memorable tong trip na to, but not for all the right reasons. Una, yung kasama ko, nagkaroon. So ambilis uminit ng ulo. E nagbakasyon nga ako para chillax lang. So medyo ano, na-BV ako ng konti. Pangalawa, yung trip namin from Manila to CDO to Camiguin nung first day e inabot ng 9 hours. 9 freaking hours dahil lang sa van na sinakyan namin mula CDO hanggang Bilangoan Port para sumakay ng bapor puntang Camiguin. So kung pupunta kayo sa Camiguin via CDO, mula sa airport take a taxi then sabihin nyo sa bus terminal kayo ibaba mismo. Take the bus, wag van. Mas mura van ng mga P30-P60 pero mas convenient yung bus saka mas mabilis.

Pero madami din namang GV-moments. Merong tinatawag na “Treehouse” dun sa Camiguin, meron din silang lodging. Hindi sya 5-star hotel, pero kung gusto mo ng close to nature, ayos dun. Meron din silang art workshops for kids saka guests, tas into recycling pa sila. Kung babalik nga ako ng Camiguin, dun na lang siguro ako magste-stay. Crush ko pa yung nag-tour sa amin hehehe…

Dami ding pwedeng puntahan sa Camiguin: White Island, Mantigue Island, tatlong waterfalls, hot spring, cold springs, soda spring (hindi ko alam kung bakit sya tinawag na soda, pero pwede daw inumin, wala lang fizz), volcanoes. Pwede kang mag-trekking, swimming, snorkeling, diving, biking, hiking at kung anu-ano pa. Sosyal no? Saka natuto ako magcommute sa isla, hahaha… Hindi matutumbasan yung experience na yun.

Sa CDO naman, grabe, for P700 per person per night, ang ganda ng nakuha naming hotel, as in. Walang halong sarcasm, sobrang worth it nya. May kasama pa yun na breakfast. Tas a jeepney ride away lang sya to the city center itself, so di na din masama. E magkano lang naman ang pamasahe. 😛

So after two weeks, nagkaroon ulit ako ng isa pang biyahe, medyo spur of the moment kasi aattend ako ng kasal ng friend ko. Destination? BORACAY!


Hotel beach front

Masarap kaya dito? Hehehe...

Sunset exchange of vows

Ann and Pats. Congratulations! 🙂

Hala, sige, party ng party! 😛

I miss Bora na. I’ve been there thrice pa lang, pero lagi ko syang nami-miss. Napuntahan ko pa sya nung di pa sya gaano developed, e ngayon grabe, McDo at Jollibee na lang ang kulang. Well, at least civilized naman, but I kinda miss the island feel e. Oh well.

We stayed for 3 nights din, tas ok pa yung flight sched namin since we left Manila Thursday morning then we came back early afternoon ng Sunday, so sulit sya talaga. The hotel we stayed in was in Station 3, sa Boracay Sands. Maganda yung hotel actually, bago lang. Saka mura at P1000 per person per night. Ang layo nga lang sa mga gimik places, alay-lakad ang abot mo. Pero oks lang.

Naging regular ata kami sa Juice Bar, hahaha. Sarado na kasi yung Hey Jude, papalitan na ng Epic na pagmamay-ari ni Erik Cua (or so I’ve heard). So parang may Embassy/Encore/Republiq/Manor na din dun. Ok na din siguro, why not poknat.

So, ayun. Gusto kong bumalik, sa parehong isla. Sa Camiguin kasi adventure sya, pero relaxing. Sa Boracay kasi… Well, masarap gumimik. Parang laging sayang ang gabi pag di ka lalabas.

So by next year, magpaplano akong bumalik, tas siguro, puntahan na din siguro yung iba pang isla na di ko pa nabibisita dito sa Pilipinas. I love to travel kahit hassle, kasi ibang klaseng high ang makukuha mo sa pag-biyahe.

Sa susunod muli. Paalam! 😛

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