3 weeks, 4 movies and a dozen events after…

And I’m still jobless. By now, usually, I would’ve been bored out of my mind. Usually kasi it takes about a week for me to realize how freakishly bored I am and I start to get agitated and anxious and I start applying left and right, hoping someone will hire me.

How times have changed.

Well, actually, the original plan was to rest up for a week since I really wasn’t able to do that (I left my third job doing overtime on a Saturday afternoon, and immediately reported for my fourth job that coming Monday), charge up the batteries and stuff like that. After that rest week, I was planning on sending out my CV and portfolio (or “oeuvre,” para lang mas sosyal hehe) to big agencies, hoping someone will see my talent and at the very least, give me an interview.

Didn’t pan out that way. And I’m not too sure if that’s a good thing or not.

I’m basically doing freelance work, given to me by my friends. I met them both when I got that third job (the one where I stayed longest: 2 years and 10 months). One of my friends is still with that company, and she gives me some of the projects because, well, I get their design needs better. Pareho ata kasi kami ng wavelength, kaya madali kong ma-incorporate sa design yung gusto nyang mangyari without going back-and-forth too much.

My other friend from that same office resigned last year, a few months after I left. She now works at another agency and since ka-wavelength ko rin sya, my designs are better suited for their campaigns rather than the ones they get from their offshore designers. Siguro kaya kami friends. Hahahaha…

I dunno. For some reason, as bored as I am, I’m not really making too much of an effort applying anywhere. Plus, most of the positions that I see online are either entry-level (which I’m not) or minurder ng HR personnel yung qualifications/job title. I’d like to believe I’m worth more than what these companies can offer. Not that I’ve seen their compensation packages, it’s just that… Well, maybe these days, I’m not in a hurry to jump at another “opportunity” with a new company. It’s not that I don’t want a regular job, but I’d want to have a job that will at least provide some sort of self-worth. Ayaw ko din naman na magkakatrabaho nga ako, tas aalis lang din ako after ilang buwan. Nakasasawa at nakapapagod na mag-resign.

That I’ll be learning. That I’ll be heard. That my work will be relevant. That will make me happy.

Funny lang, mukha akong pera pero hindi talaga pera ang una kong kino-consider when looking for a job. I could be paid a lot less if I’m going to be happy with my co-workers and getting the experience that I need and want. That’s all that matters. Aaminin ko, magastos akong tao, as in sobra.

But it was never about the money. Well, maybe somewhat, yes, but that’s not the treasure that I’m after. I’m still waiting for that “perfect job.” I know I’m not getting any younger, and I should get my ass moving. It’s just that… I think it’s about time I feel fulfilled again with what I do. I’ve had that before, so I know it is possible to achieve.

I’ll get there. In due time.


Single Awareness Day

Last night, the unthinkable happened. I had the best f*cking Valentine’s Day celebration ever. And no, not with a significant other, but with one of my best friends. Further proof that you don’t necessarily need a lover to make V-Day all sorts of awesome. You just need to spend it with the people you love. 🙂

This was just impromptu, the V-Day gimik. I was all prepared to wallow in self-pity, watch a chick-flick of sorts, slash my wrists while crying in the corner of my bathroom with the shower on, draining the last vestiges of life I had to offer. Hahahaha…

Actually, the day started out nicely. I greeted MD (see previous posts) thru text before I went to bed at 1am, February 14. When I woke up at 10am, I had an unread YM message. Akala ko from a friend or something, yun pala, galing kay MD, greeting me. Well, friend ko naman sya, may malisya nga lang, hahahaha… So, syempre, kinilig naman ako. Tas I saw my ex online sa Facebook, so syempre binati ko din. Binati din naman ako, so everything was fine and dandy. My sister came home with lunch and cake, so parang yun na yung V-Day celebration namin sa bahay.

The day went on and I was looking for a perfect film to watch during the day, then a friend texted me asking if I wanted to go out, her treat. E since wala din naman akong gagawing makabuluhan, walang pera since I don’t have a permanent job at dahil makapal mukha ko, um-oo na ko. Bawi na lang ako ulit. 🙂

So we agreed to meet at Handle Bar sa Polaris St., Makati to have dinner there. Sobrang busog, garabe. There were three of us there, me, my friend and her boss. All of us had healthy (or more than) helpings of grilled meals. I got tuna (a really big chunk of it), my friend got steak, and her boss got these huge ass prawns. May appetizer pa pala na Beef Salpicao. I actually like Handle Bar coz most of the food that I’ve tried there are delicious.

So nung bondat na kami, we went to Max Brenner (e di ang saya ko, di ba?) for dessert. Unplanned din yun. My friend and I ordered cocktails, while her boss ordered cappuccino. Sayang lang wala nung triple berry cheesecake. So they ordered the fondue. Wooo! Ang dami! Hahaha… Halfway dun sa kinakain namin (which consisted of sliced bananas, cut apples, marshmallows and bite-sized brownies), sobrang nag-aalburoto na yung tiyan ko.

After that, my friend’s boss went home. E kami, tinatamad pa umuwi, so we decided to check out Izakaya. I think singles’ night, since some of the people there are wearing stickers with their names written on it. Kaso siksikan, not exactly my cup of tea. Paano ka naman makakapagsayaw na daan ng daan yung tao, tas elbow-to-elbow sa loob nung club? We met up with other friends there, kaso nauna na sila, so we stayed there for a few minutes then decided to leave.

While walking around Greenbelt, I was online sa YM thru Adam (my BlackBerry), and MD greeted me again. Naknangpota, kinilig ulit ako. Hahahaha… Tas I texted if online pa sya, sabi nya matutulog na daw, nag-greet lang daw. *kilig*

Again, tamad pa ding umuwi, so we checked out M Cafe. Sarado. So we went to Fiamma. Open naman, konti lang yung tao, pero at least dun, sounds are waaaaaay better and at least makakapagsayaw ka. So that’s what we did, we danced the night away. After that, we drove around, looking for other bars that’re open. I suggested Malate, kaso ang layo nga naman. At syempre, Lunes, wala halos bukas, so we decided to go home na.

Pag-uwi sa bahay, since I’m still up there, I decided to play Tiesto’s Elements of Life DVD, tas nagsayaw mag-isa sa bahay. Hahahaha…

So, yun lang. Best V-Day ever! Natalo pa yung date ko nung 2008 nung meron akong significant other. Pero I think whether single or coupled up, as long as you’re having fun, it’s all good. 😀

Network Review: Showtime

First, I was watching Weeds. Then, I got hooked on Dexter. Just this year, I got into The Big C. Now I’m also watching Shameless.

The thing that these TV series have in common: Showtime.

What I like about their programs is that everything just feels so organic, well-acted and well-written. It’s very realistic, and the shows don’t usually resort to overhyping and extensive, down-your-throat advertising. Actually, most are under the radar. Their other shows include Californication (stars David Duchovny), United States of Tara (Toni Collette), Nurse Jackie (Edie Falco) and Episodes (Matt LeBlanc).

The shows are so damn good (as far as I’ve watched) and you can really relate to most of them. And usually, when I do watch a series (like Buffy, Ally McBeal, Grey’s Anatomy), I don’t root for the lead character. But with Dexter, Weeds and The Big C, the leads are my favorite. Maybe the actors are just doing one heck of a job, I dunno. Maybe their characters are written brilliantly, I dunno. Or maybe it’s the combination of all the elements present that makes their characters so very likable and relatable, I dunno. But what I do know is that I can’t wait for new episodes to come, just so I can watch my favorites try to live out their lives, as dysfunctional as they are.

And I have got to play catch up with Dexter’s season 5 and Weeds seasons 3-6. Then finish the first 5-6 episodes of both Shameless and Episodes, hunt down seasons 1-3 of United States of Tara and Nurse Jackie, and after that? Try watching Californication and The Secret Diary of a Call Girl. I have a lot of TV to watch. Really damn fine TV programming. And I am very happy for the challenge. 🙂

Cheers! Have a cocktail! :)

I only learned how to drink when I was 15. I attended a classmate’s birthday party and they served gin pomelo. I kinda liked it but I didn’t get buzzed.

My first taste of beer was in college, I was 19 and the San Miguel Light craze was just beginning to emerge. Because of one school project, I had to buy two bottles of it. We were assigned to design and execute a carry-case for 6 bottles of whatever, so I picked SML. Hey, at least I was of legal age then, so it was perfectly okay to buy and drink alcoholic beverages (had a semi-hard time smuggling it in school though). Not that they ask for ID or anything. When I drank one bottle of SML, I didn’t exactly get why it was so popular. Tasted like bile to me, and it smelled like piss.

Two years later, I was working, and since I’m basically earning my own money, I kinda thought that I could do almost everything that I want now, provided I can afford it and that no laws will be broken (primarily consisting of any death: other people’s, mine or an animal of sort). So by then, I started to drink socially, which is what I still do today. I mean, it’s kinda lonely to drink by yourself, isn’t it? Though I’ve tried it once (and finished an entire 1-liter bottle of cocktail), it’s still better to share a drink or two (or a bucket) with a close friend.

I prefer Red Horse, actually. Just saying. Or if it’s not available, I like draft beer better than SML.

I first tried hard liquor on July 2007, when I was with my colleagues at one of my former boss’ birthday party. They had Absolut and Jack Daniel’s. Some of them are actually egging me on to try Jack Daniel’s and Coke. So I went to get some and my thoughts about drinking completely changed. “This is awesome!” I said to no one in particular. The softdrink and the whiskey complemented each other perfectly, like they were really made for each other. I loved it.

From then on, since we had liquor in the office pantry (an opened bottle of Chivas Regal), whenever we go on overtime, we’d look for a can of Coke inside the refrigerator, without really caring who owns it, pour a glass, mix it with the available liquor and add some ice. We might be doing overtime work, but we do it, well, in some sort of style.

So far, I’ve been able to try a bunch of different cocktails and liquors. Vodka, whiskey, cognac, wine, champagne, tequila, rum, gin, brandy… And any combination of those to make a cocktail. So far, I like margarita, tequila sunrise and tequila shots. Followed closely by Jack + Coke, Chivas + Coke and Skyy Vodka + Sprite. Although I’d like to try Bloody Mary (since I like spicy anything and tomatoes) and…

The point of this post: The Four Horsemen.

It’s basically a pure combo of four different alcoholic beverages, something that I’ve seen on the pages of the now defunct (but really missed) Chemical Magazine. Here are the ingredients:

1 part Jack Daniel’s

Tennessee Whiskey

1 part Johnnie Walker:

Scotch Whiskey

1 part Jim Beam:

Bourbon Whiskey

And 1 part Tequila:


Combine all four in one shot glass, drink and prepare for the apocalypse. Seriously, I’ll be buying a bottle each and try this at home, maybe when I have some company over just to witness my crazy antics.

I’ll update this blog when I have all of the ingredients. And document a before and after. Till next time! 😀

The Cost of Friendship

Another midnight thought: can you put a pricetag on friendship?

Automatic answer would be “Of course you can’t!”

For months now, that answer has been said in my head half-heartedly. Ideally, I would say that you can’t put a monetary amount on something that’s priceless. Money should be the least of the reasons why you stay friends with your friends.

The tides turn when a needy, desperate friend asks to borrow money, not to continue cultivating a lavish lifestyle or anything, but just to help out with family. At first thought, you’d think “Wow, how noble,” and agree to lend some money, thinking that after some time, the amount will be fully returned. And half a year later, that said friend, as noble as the intention was, is still making excuses as to why no single centavo has been paid back yet.

I’ve been told by another friend that money shouldn’t even be something you fight about with a friend, especially a true, genuine, I-love-you-in-a-platonic-way BFF.

Gray areas seem to manifest.

I just feel bad that everytime I communicate with said friend, I’m always prone to ask whether or not payment will be made available already. And every single time, the reply always seem to just mention that “No, payment isn’t available at the moment because of blah blah blah reason blah blah blah.” And it’s tiring.

It’s tiring to see that particular friend’s name online, on your phonebook or somewhere else, and the only thing that pops into your mind is “I wonder if my friend can pay me up already. It’s been too long.”

And the excuse, again, will just be the same shit. Different day.

I’m tired. I dunno how to conclude this post, actually. I just feel like such a bad guy whenever I text asking for payment. I know it’s my right to ask for it since “friend” owes me the money, but I also can’t help but be sad and somewhat angry at the situation. Sad because I know my friend is going through a rough time, and angry because that friend doesn’t seem to realize that this is a responsibility that must be fulfilled. I’m also sad and angry that it’s come to this.

How did we get here?

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Want a piece of bliss?

I love chocolate. I only know of a few people who don’t necessarily subscribe to the same addiction as I do, so this must be a common thing. But I’m just assuming, as I don’t know everyone.

It started out pretty severe, actually. When I was younger, I used to devour white chocolate by the bars (as in plural). Technically, white chocolate isn’t even chocolate any more as there’s really little to no cocoa in it. College years, my health instincts kicked in, and sooner than expected, my tongue began a shift in taste, this time I enjoyed dark chocolate. Before I couldn’t take the taste of it. “Too bitter,” I declared. Signs of aging ata ito. Hahahaha…

So lemme share my addiction with you guys. I’ve always had a sweet tooth (or teeth, kasi parang lahat naman sila nakiki-fiesta), so chocolate wouldn’t be far from my lust-list of must-gorge-on food.

My chocoholic pick #1: Mrs. Fields Fudge Brownies.

What mouth-watering crumbs you have, Brownie...

O di ba? Picture pa lang, nananakam na ko. Manakam ka na din, dear reader. Mejo mahal lang to, like per piece, you’ll shell out about P99. If you buy three, you’ll pay lang P199. It’s like buy 2 take 1. Pero I think it’s worth the price, kasi it’s so delectable and moist and chewy and delicious and heavenly. This is like the best brownies I’ve ever tasted in my whole life. I’m almost drooling as I type this.

My chocoholic pick #2: Max Brenner Caramel Frappe


Obey the glass. Drink it, you know you want to...

And here I thought ultimate na yung mga Frappuccino sa Starbucks. Wrong! When I first tasted this, mga lagpas two years ago, the first sip was like a revelation, seriously. Ang sarap nya. The flavors combined in such a nice way, flowing smoothly from my lips to tickle my taste buds until it finally reaches my throat and I am more than quite satisfied. It’s that amazing. More or less, it costs around P150, pero medyo maliit lang sya for the price, mga sinlaki lang ng tall sa Starbucks. Pero ok lang, well worth the money. Saka napansin ko, hindi nagca-clump yung yelo, so maiinom mo almost to the last drop ng walang hassle. Sa Greenbelt 5 na lang sya meron, kasi nagsara na yung sa TriNoma, which I hate. Oh well.

My chocoholic pick #3: Royce Champagne Chocolate


Melt in your tongue goodness!

This was recommended to me by a friend. A box costs around P500, so it’s quite pricey.  Apparently, their best-seller is this one, the Champagne Chocolate. So I bought a box while I was with my family, and when we tasted it… Whoa! Truly remarkable! It just really melts on your tongue, making you savor all these delicious things. Heaven, it felt like I was up in heaven, chocolate-high. Damn amazing chocolates. Di na nga to umabot ng bahay e, since it might melt din. It comes in an aluminum case with a bag of ice, so I’m assuming it would not survive the trip home, ice or no ice.

My chocoholic pick #4: Chcolate Decadent Cake by Jack’s Loft Eastwood


The name says it all: Decadent.

I actually also tasted the one in TriNoma, but it didn’t live up to my expectations. Because the one I tried in Jack’s Loft’s Eastwood branch? The bomb! You could really feel the decadence that the name of the cake implies. It’s rich, creamy, moist and the flavors just meld together to send your endorphins blasting all around, making you unbelievably happy. Habang kinakain ko sya ang naiisip ko lang e “ang decadent naman nito” hanggang maubos. The name was that apt.

So there you go. I also want to try Chocolate Fire in Makati. Maybe my college buddies and I will go there and see if they are any good. Saka namimiss ko na yung Soft Baked Chunky cookies ng Chips Ahoy! kasi di na yata nila ginagawa or phased-out na or masama lang silang tao at pinagkakait nila sa kin yun. 😛

Happy eating, everyone! Indulge! 😀