…Whut happened?

Seriously, this is the third time this happened. I blacked out after drinking too much. Well, I’m not exactly sure how much vodka I had, maybe 4 glasses, but that was after gulping down half a bottle of red wine. Think that helped my amnesia case?

Backtrack: Late afternoon, meet-up with my friends at Podium. Catching up, then planned to go to The Fort to pick up my friend’s friend no. 1 and then went to Magallanes to pick up my friend’s friend no. 2. Then went back to The Fort to eat dinner.

Food at Bordeaux was nice, and so was the red wine: Manny O. I’m not really a wine person, but that was really good. Sweet. I couldn’t even detect the grape flavor so much, which is good because I’m not a fan of grape juice hence not a fan of wine. Anyway… Oh, and we were joined by my friend’s ย friend no. 3 there.

So my friend and I gulped down the contents of the bottle because her other friends aren’t really drinking. After finishing it off, we headed to Encore to check out the place. And when we got there, maybe it was a tad early but there was no crowd. Outside. At all. But we still went in to check the place out. Er… Well, let’s just say medyo nilangaw ata. Walang katao-tao. Then again, hindi naman na yata masyadong “in” ang Encore nowadays. Especially after Embassy has been attracting the not-so-desirable-crowd before they changed it to Encore.

So, after less than five minutes inside, we decided that the place bombed and we headed off to Seventh High (formerly Club Ascend). May pila sa labas, very nice. Good thing my friend got a table, so we skipped the line (and I let friend no. 3 borrow my coat because he was wearing a t-shirt, a Seventh High no-no). Once inside, we got things set and just enjoyed the music. We’re not really into R&B but hey, what can you do? There isn’t really a dedicated trance club here in Manila. Plus, the drinks at Seventh High are really affordable compared to other clubs. Way cool. Loved the ambiance though.

After a few hours of dancing, talking, smoking (I only smoke while drinking), we left at 1am (I think). Once outside, I just got my coat back and that’s pretty much all I can remember, because the next thing I know I was waking up on my bed, with my sister knocking on the front door. Coins were on the bed, my clothes are everywhere, and I couldn’t find my wallet. Turns out I lost it.

I don’t really have a clue how I got home, what I rode going home. I don’t even know if I did take a cab. Saya noh?

Third time this has happened. First was Bohol (company outing), that was courtesy of 2 glasses of white wine and several glasses of vodka-Sprite (Absolut then Skyy). Second, I was with my grade school-mates. We took shots of brandy and I used my cocktail (a mixture of Gran Matador, The BaR strawberry vodka, Tang strawberry and C2) as chaser. I vaguely remember how I got home that night. Now this. Le sigh. This is partly why I wanna give up drinking. Or not. Hahahaha…

But it’s still fun. I just really gotta learn when to stop and recognize when I’m drunk, but not too drunk and not able to function. Hindi ko man lang alam kung na-rape na pala ako hahahaha… ๐Ÿ˜›

Yun lang naman. Hope y’all had a happy weekend! Oh, and nakuha ko din naman yung wallet ko after two days. Nasa gas station somewhere. ๐Ÿ˜›


Emergency! Emergency!

Read all about it!

I want to ask you right now, if a disaster the level of the recent Japan earthquake/tsunami/nuke reactor instability occurs, are you and your family prepared? Take note, the Philippine government is not as effective as Japan’s, so one can’t really expect much from them.

Tremors happen all the time, but most go unnoticed because they aren’t usually strong enough to cause a calamity. However, recent ones that happened here in the Philippines have been powerful enough to be felt, though they didn’t really cause any damage. Still, it’s enough to get a person like me rattled, and I’m almost usually calm and cool (just don’t piss me off, I can probably tear you a new one). Instead of waiting for Mother Nature to fully unleash her fury like a woman who’s PMS-ing, better prepare an emergency bag. Y’know, just in case.

Some of the things you'll need

So, what should you pack? Just off the top of my head: 3 (or more) days worth of clothing (shirts, shorts/pants, underwear), a jacket, a towel, a first aid kit, toiletries, IDs, important legal documents, flashlights, batteries, swiss knife, water container (with water), metal bowls/cups, utensils, cash (in small bills), cellphone and charger (maybe extra batteries), lighter and matches, candles, N95 respiration mask, gloves, a list of emergency hotline numbers, non-perishable food (nuts, energy bars, granola bars), canned goods with can opener, a sleeping bag/blanket/mat, water purification tablets, notebook, pen, marker, whistle, photos of loved ones for identification purposes… Er, those are all I can remember.

Anyway, you can check this out:ย http://72hours.org/go_bag.html or thisย http://journal.drfaulken.com/building-a-personal-emergency-bag/ so you can have more ideas on what to do.

Better be safe than sorry. And there’s no need to be scared if you are prepared, ayt? ๐Ÿ™‚

In this corner…

I’ve had a problem with people cutting line ever since I can remember. I hate the fact that people will try to take advantage sa napaka-simpleng bagay, and think they’re going to get away with it. Not with me. I don’t cut lines and I don’t tolerate people who cut ahead of me. Disclaimer lang, sarili kong nanay ay sumisingit sa pila kung may pagkakataon. She even thinks it’s fun, minsan nakangiti feeling naka-isa sya, and sya pa ang galit dun sa magpo-point out sa kanya na she did, in fact, cut the line. I tell her off about this. This is not how a civilized human being should act. Kaya, mom, I love you, pero we’re better than this, okay? Wrong is wrong.

There have been several instances in which people cut in front of me, and, wala akong paki kung sino ka, aawayin kita, magkamatayan pa tayo. Hindi ako pinalaki ng maayos para lang mabastos ng isang tulad mo, believe me. I could probably even strike you down where you stand, and I am a bit of a war freak. Do not provoke me.

I remember this one time when I lined up at TriNoma’s PUV area to wait for the jeepney ride home. I was the first in line, and people started lining up behind me. After a few minutes, a girl (or a mannish girl) stood near the front of the line beside me. Not really completely in front of me but she stood near the exit area of the other route, yung katabi nung exit nung sa amin. So we waited, people still lined up, and waited. Medyo nagtaka na ko after a few moments dun sa mannish girl, so I asked her “Uh, excuse me, san ka ba nakapila?” And then she answered “Dito” while pointing at the spot in front of me.

Here’s how the rest of the exchange went:

Me: “Uh, kasi ako yung nauna sa pila e. Yun yung dulo oh” then I pointed behind me.

Girl: “Ah, may pila ba?” Duh! Wala! Walang pila! Gusto lang namin tumayo dito magdamag kasi masaya syang gawin!

Me: “Oo. Ayan sa likod ko yung pila.” Medyo tumataas na yung boses ko nito.

Girl: (nakaismid) “Mag-isa lang naman ako e. Ok lang naman, di ba?”

Me: “Hindi. Dun ka sa dulo. Pumila kaming lahat.”

Anyway, ayun, so umalis naman sya. Kapal lang ng mukha. “May pila ba?” Magpapalusot pa e. I hate hearing that.

Recently, may nangyari na naman. My sister and I lined up to get a cab outside of Landmark TriNoma after grocery shopping. Since wala pang nakapila, and the people who got there first of course got the first few cabs na nakapila na. So we went to the front of the “line” and people lined up after us. Maayos naman kasi sa TriNoma (or basta Ayala Mall) so usually wala namang nagiging problema. Lo and behold, some girl and her mom tried to get ahead by walking towards the cab that we’re supposed to get. So tinignan ko kagad ng masama and called their attention. “May pila po.”

The mom shot back “Nakapila naman kami.” Last I checked, we were the first ones in line, so that cab was meant for us. And I didn’t even see them behind us.

Aba, umepal yung anak nyang may hormonal imbalance. “Ambagal nyo kasi maglakad!” Aba, putang to, naghahanap ng away. Natural, kumulo dugo ko. War freak nga e.

So I shouted “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” The daughter screamed back “You shut the fuck up! You don’t know who you’re talking with!”

Hindi ko na lang pinatulan, pasakay na kami ng cab e. Pero ang nasa isip ko nun, uh, DUH! Natural hindi ko kayo kilala. 1. You’re probably nobodies anyway because actual “important” people don’t need to announce that they are, in fact, important and 2. If you people are important (for God knows what reason), why the freaking fuck are you lining up to take a freaking cab? Actual rich people have a minimum of two cars. Oh, meron pa palang 3. Kung kilala ka nga, I still don’t give a flying fuck. Sa terror prof ko nga nung college hindi naman ako takot e, na isa pa sa main prosecutors versus Erap, sa inyo pa kaya? And 4. Hindi ako pumapatol sa tanga kasi useless lang. Ako lang matatalo nun.

Nakauwi naman kami ng maayos, pero nasa boiling point na ko nun. But I calmed down immediately. Ayoko lang talaga sa lahat e yung mga bastos. And if you act like one, I’ll treat you accordingly. An eye for an eye. Capiche?

Hed Kandi 2011

Simply put, again, one of the best… nights… EVER! This is why I party (yes, yes, I’m using “party” as a verb, sue me).

I thought it’d be mostly house music, but I thought wrong. And boy, am I happy I was wrong. The music was fantastic, booty-shaking and mind-blowing. Sarap lang sumayaw. While dancing, I was thinking to myself “Damn, this is so much better than sex!” Pero slight lang naman. Imagine just dancing with total abandon. It was that great. And a big plus for being there with my best-est friends and party-mates! Awesome, awesome night.

Hopefully, we’ll get to attend four more (Innovation Black, Godskitchen, Innovation White and Cream Halloween Ball). And also attend, rumor has it, the very first BigFish International New Year’s Eve extravaganza. Now that I really want to be part of. ๐Ÿ˜€

So guys, work hard, PARTY HARDER! ๐Ÿ˜€

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This too shall pass…

It’s 2:18am. I’m trying to design a logo. Or logos. Either way, I’m still kinda feeling Ehhh

Submitted work that I’m not really, well, let’s just say I didn’t give it my best shot. I could come up with excuses as to why that happened, but clearly, I shouldn’t. I’ll just have to accept the fact that I have a very limited concentration as a designer, and there will be some pros and cons with everything. Nothing is perfect. My ego was just shattered, but… Yeah, you know, life sucks sometimes, but I have to keep on moving along and just figure it out as I go along.

I also disappointed my mom. Nagtatampo tuloy. Nagka-promo ang CebuPac and I immediately took advantage using her card. I know, I know, I’m a terrible son. Pwede naman kasi magpaalam, di ba? Hindi naman sa akin gamit ako ng gamit. Ang tigas din kasi ng ulo ko. Sigh. 25 years old with the mind of a 10 year old. I gotta grow up.

Si ate pa nagsabi sa akin na sabi daw ni mama, di na daw sya importante sa akin. Which couldn’t be further from the truth. Then again, my actions aren’t really making it seem that I do care. Sabi ko nga dun sa isa kong friend before, kasi medyo nagkakaaberya sila nung nanay nya, na he should think about his relationship with his mom now before it’s too late, tas ganito ako, being a hypocrite. I’m doing things that I know might possibly hurt someone, which wasn’t of course the intention. Nasa huli talaga ang pagsisisi.

Nag-New Year’s resolution pa naman ako na I’ll be a better son and brother to my mom and my sister respectively. Tas eto, March na, I’m still the same dysfunctional me. Crap. Even my friend, naaasar na sa akin coz I’m always late. And I can’t argue with that coz I always am. I have very little respect of other people’s time and I hate myself for it.

Yeah, sorry, ginagawa kong sounding board tong blog. Sana may naidudulot na kabutihan to para sa akin, coz I really need to change. I think I’m still too selfish that even my apparent selfless acts (on paper) is basically indulgent.

Crap. I dunno what to do minsan. Actually, madalas. Well, actually… Augh. I think I have a vague idea kung ano yung dapat kong gawin, but I’m just not actively participating on even remotely trying to convince myself to do them.

I think I’m on a downward spiral. I don’t know how to climb up. Ang drama no? Pero yun talaga pakiramdam ko ngayon. Hay buhay.

I need another escape. And I need to get over myself. ๐Ÿ˜