Restart and reload

Okay. Last March-April, I was able to at least finish a month’s worth of P90X routines. Sad to say I wasn’t able to continue due to lack of willpower, something that I really don’t have in abundance. I was supposed to restart my get-fitter journey last June, then July came, and now it’s August, and so far, I’ve only been able to do two work-outs. I stopped again. Mentally, I’m not there. I was back in pril, but we had to go on vacation and it kinda made following the routine more challenging.

So, now it’s August 15. A friend is also getting married in 8 months time, which means that I have to look good in a suit (yes, yes, it’s not my day but I shouldn’t look less than stellar). I’m now gonna use this blog in an attempt to document my exercise journey, as it were.

Today is basically Day 1. I weighed myself yesterday and got 138lbs. Not bad, I’m still in my ideal weight range. Two or three weeks ago I was at 143lbs., so basically I lost about 5lbs. but I don’t even know how coz I haven’t really been exercising at all, and I’ve been eating so much food and drinking too much alcohol. Gahd, sana hindi muscle mass yung na-lose ko. I cry.

Kaya ko nga rin pala to ginagawa, basically publicly, para naman mahiya ako. But actually, I really have to do this for myself na. I was overweight during highschool and first year college. Pero nung college, steadily I began to lose weight, combination na rin siguro ng stress, no sleep, no rice and no elevator use. I started school at 189lbs, I graduated at 127lbs. 62 fucking pounds lost! Mukha nga lang akong kalansay, pero anyway, it’s possible. I just really have to be patient enough and mindful enough of what I do.

Yon. Okay, basic and current stats:

Height: 5’6″ | 168cm

Weight: 138lbs. | 62kg

Shoulders: 20″

Chest: 34″

Waist: 33″

Bicep (L): 11.5″

Bicep (R): 11.5″

Day 1: Reduce carbohydrate intake so no rice, and little to no sugar. Reduce bread consumption as well, or if I cannot help it, eat the multi-grain variety. Fundamentally, I’m only allowed mostly protein so I’m limited to meat, nuts and grains. P90X exercise tonight should target Chest and Back, plus a 15-minute ab routine. I’ll also decrease my intake of diet soda and focus more on drinking mostly water.

Onwards! 😀


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