Today is a day of grieving

I’ve been a fan of electronic dance music for maybe more than two years now. Basically I’m still an infant as a fan, but I’ve been trying to chug as many tunes as possible. The man responsible for making me fall in love with this kind of music (to be precise: falling in love with trance music) is none other than Ferry Corsten.

Ferry single-handedly made trance to what it is today (according to almost everywhere on the web), and spanning more than 20 years of experience with producing various genres of electronic dance music, it’s kinda easy to see him experiment with almost everything.

Just not this. Remixing a Justin Bieber song, for someone of his caliber is just really… I actually don’t know what to think. Or feel.

I thought it was a hoax. I genuinely thought some guy remixed it and just put Ferry’s name. That it was some kind of deliberate attempt to… I dunno, whatever. But after a day, my hero, the guy who made trance meaningful for me, confirmed that he did, in fact, remix a song of JB’s.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not angry, at all. Nor will I ever. I love Ferry so much. But I can’t help feeling hurt for some reason. I’m still a fan, a big one at that, but I feel the need to mourn. He’s brought EDM-lovers so much for two decades, those will not be forgotten. But this? I dunno.


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