Been almost a month since I turned 27, that kind of pesky number that signals my entry into the late twenties. Three more years, and I’ll be fucking 30.

Don’t get me wrong, growing older is kind of inevitable. We all do it every second.

This year was kind of wild. Well, compared to last year’s quiet celebrations. The weekend before my birthday, we went to Singapore and experienced Universal Studios. Was fun, very fun, in fact, that I really want to go back (when I already have a budget for it). Methinks it’s S$75 per person for a one day all access pass, but it’s hella worth it. I’d so go back to the Transformers ride and the Battlestar Galactica rollercoasters again. Scary shit, but maaaaan, what an experience.

Day of my birthday, eleventh of September (yes, yes, same day of that fateful day back in 2001), and I was prepping to hang out with some EDM-loving friends. It was kinda unplanned. Contacted my friend Marc to ask if he’s game for some beer, then asked our common friend Jeff if he is also. Turns out Jeff’s place is free, so we went there and just bought several 1 liter bottles of Red Horse. Drank four bottles, and asked them if they wanted to come with since I’ll be going to Time (my fave underground club). Both said yes, though Marc can only stay for a few minutes as he had to go home.

Since I told them that I wanna go to Time on Strike Tuesdays since I missed United Under Dance during the weekend that I was in Singapore, Cam and JP were texting me the entire night asking if I was coming. And so I did. And had fun. And had an after-party that lasted two days. Hahahahaha!

Wild, wild birthday. Got to spend it with my best friend, my EDM friends, and my beau. Life is beautiful! PLUR.