Been almost a month since I turned 27, that kind of pesky number that signals my entry into the late twenties. Three more years, and I’ll be fucking 30.

Don’t get me wrong, growing older is kind of inevitable. We all do it every second.

This year was kind of wild. Well, compared to last year’s quiet celebrations. The weekend before my birthday, we went to Singapore and experienced Universal Studios. Was fun, very fun, in fact, that I really want to go back (when I already have a budget for it). Methinks it’s S$75 per person for a one day all access pass, but it’s hella worth it. I’d so go back to the Transformers ride and the Battlestar Galactica rollercoasters again. Scary shit, but maaaaan, what an experience.

Day of my birthday, eleventh of September (yes, yes, same day of that fateful day back in 2001), and I was prepping to hang out with some EDM-loving friends. It was kinda unplanned. Contacted my friend Marc to ask if he’s game for some beer, then asked our common friend Jeff if he is also. Turns out Jeff’s place is free, so we went there and just bought several 1 liter bottles of Red Horse. Drank four bottles, and asked them if they wanted to come with since I’ll be going to Time (my fave underground club). Both said yes, though Marc can only stay for a few minutes as he had to go home.

Since I told them that I wanna go to Time on Strike Tuesdays since I missed United Under Dance during the weekend that I was in Singapore, Cam and JP were texting me the entire night asking if I was coming. And so I did. And had fun. And had an after-party that lasted two days. Hahahahaha!

Wild, wild birthday. Got to spend it with my best friend, my EDM friends, and my beau. Life is beautiful! PLUR.


Annnnnd… I’m back! :D

Holy geez it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to think of something to post. Well, now, currently, as of this moment… Wala pa din naman. But I just wanna have a severe word vomit experience and put it up virally. Nakakasawa rin naman minsan mag-tweet nang mag-tweet. Limited yung thoughts ko to 140 characters. Bitin.

But anyway, it’s good to be back to blogging. Kahit napakarandom lang nitong post ko.

Anyway, I’ve been feeling really crappy these past few days. Kulang kasi sa tulog sobra, for almost two months na. Not good. I’m not doing my health any favors. Lagi lang masakit ulo ko and feeling nauseated.

Aside from the health issues, I’ve been doing very well. I’ve got plans na for tomorrow and Friday, and also Saturday. Kung kelan ako walang time saka ako nagkakaroon ng madaming extracurricular activities. Kaya lupaypay lagi.

Oh, and by the effing way, nandito na naman sa Pilipinas ang paborito kong trance DJ na si Mr. Ferry Corsten. Apparently madalas talaga pala sya dito. Or siguro nga kung meron syang shows sa nearby countries, he makes it a point to drop by Manila and visit his family. Eh international DJ ka ba naman, syempre sobrang busy. So moments with your loved ones are really probably very dear to him. I love you, Ferry! ๐Ÿ˜€

That’s it for now. I’ll be blogging very heavily (sana) from this day forward. Oh, and I think I need a new blog theme. First blog entry ko to this 2012! ๐Ÿ˜›

Tagaytay and Trainer Tuesday!

Hello, madlang people!ย So, actually, hindi ko alam kung paano ko to ike-kwento, pero ang random kasi nitong araw na to. I love spontaneity pa naman. ๐Ÿ™‚

So last week, I was supposed to go a full week working for a medium-sized ad agency in Makati. Went in Monday, but it didn’t “feel” right. So I just called it a day, brought some work home, and mulled it over. Had a talk with my sister the day after, at 5am. I felt as if I’d be earning a lot more if I just focus on jobs that I can do at home, so I just sent an email with the finished layouts, and told them that I’ll be prioritizing my other freelance work.

So Tuesday, I was free na to accompany a friend for lunch. Where? Tagaytay. Sa Sonya’s. Biglaan lang to a. Hahahaha… But I love Tagaytay, and I’m kaladkarin, so yun, go! Lunch sa Tagaytay. Parang nasa kanto lang.

Food was amazing. Sorry, we didn’t have cameras with us. ‘Sides, kakain na rin lang naman, kelangan pa bang kunan? E gutom na kami, so lumamon na lang! Hehehe… First course was a salad meal. Orgasmic yung dressing, basta, ibang klase. Leafy veggies (of course), tas our choice of other fruits and veggies to put on our salad. May mangoes, melon cubes, singkamas wedges, etc. Actually the salad alone was filling na.

Second course: pasta. Oks lang, nothing too mind-blowing but not bad either. Your choice of tomato or cream based sauce, tas a wide range of toppings to choose from: olives, shitake mushrooms, fish, etc. I love olives so dun pa lang, solb na ko. Teka naglalaway ako habang nagta-type wait. Hahahaha… Even the juice is somewhat… unique? Well, maybe not too unique, pero meron herb thing, which made it feel more refreshing.

Then of course, dessert. The dessert was kind of a throwaway. Nothing too fancy, just a thin slice of chocolate cake, a bunch of turon like things, and other sweets that I don’t really know the names of. We had tea na din during dessert. Grabe, hebigat sa tiyan. But for P600 per person? Di na masama.

Going to Tagaytay, I was texting with another friend kasi nagpapatulong sya sa P90X. Sabi ko available naman ako that night, kaso baka medyo late pa since manggagaling nga kami ng Tagaytay. We agreed to meet na lang at Makati, Greenbelt or Glorietta, since bibili din pala sya ng equipment. E maaga din pala kaming makakarating ng Makati kasi kahit medyo late na kami nakaalis, mabilis lang yung biyahe kasi wala namang traffic jams sa SLEX.

So naghiwalay na kami ni V since may dinner pa sya with friends, and I met na with C. Yun, tinulungan ko na lang to the best of my abilities sa pagbili ng equipment. Tas we had dinner before we went to his place. Maganda yung place nya, cozy. Anyway, nag-setup na kami for his work-out tas I just guided him if needed. Ayaw ko din kasi mabigla. Better na gradual yung pag-exercise kesa mabigla, as far as I’m concerned.

Tas yun. Hinatid na lang nya ako sa meron akong pwedeng sakyan pauwi, got home in 16 minutes (from Shaw Boulevard to Mindanao Avenue, woot killer bus!).

One thing I realized? It’s good to make new friends. There are a lot of awesome people around. So V and C, cheers to you! I’m fortunate to get to know you guys. ๐Ÿ˜€

…Whut happened?

Seriously, this is the third time this happened. I blacked out after drinking too much. Well, I’m not exactly sure how much vodka I had, maybe 4 glasses, but that was after gulping down half a bottle of red wine. Think that helped my amnesia case?

Backtrack: Late afternoon, meet-up with my friends at Podium. Catching up, then planned to go to The Fort to pick up my friend’s friend no. 1 and then went to Magallanes to pick up my friend’s friend no. 2. Then went back to The Fort to eat dinner.

Food at Bordeaux was nice, and so was the red wine: Manny O. I’m not really a wine person, but that was really good. Sweet. I couldn’t even detect the grape flavor so much, which is good because I’m not a fan of grape juice hence not a fan of wine. Anyway… Oh, and we were joined by my friend’s ย friend no. 3 there.

So my friend and I gulped down the contents of the bottle because her other friends aren’t really drinking. After finishing it off, we headed to Encore to check out the place. And when we got there, maybe it was a tad early but there was no crowd. Outside. At all. But we still went in to check the place out. Er… Well, let’s just say medyo nilangaw ata. Walang katao-tao. Then again, hindi naman na yata masyadong “in” ang Encore nowadays. Especially after Embassy has been attracting the not-so-desirable-crowd before they changed it to Encore.

So, after less than five minutes inside, we decided that the place bombed and we headed off to Seventh High (formerly Club Ascend). May pila sa labas, very nice. Good thing my friend got a table, so we skipped the line (and I let friend no. 3 borrow my coat because he was wearing a t-shirt, a Seventh High no-no). Once inside, we got things set and just enjoyed the music. We’re not really into R&B but hey, what can you do? There isn’t really a dedicated trance club here in Manila. Plus, the drinks at Seventh High are really affordable compared to other clubs. Way cool. Loved the ambiance though.

After a few hours of dancing, talking, smoking (I only smoke while drinking), we left at 1am (I think). Once outside, I just got my coat back and that’s pretty much all I can remember, because the next thing I know I was waking up on my bed, with my sister knocking on the front door. Coins were on the bed, my clothes are everywhere, and I couldn’t find my wallet. Turns out I lost it.

I don’t really have a clue how I got home, what I rode going home. I don’t even know if I did take a cab. Saya noh?

Third time this has happened. First was Bohol (company outing), that was courtesy of 2 glasses of white wine and several glasses of vodka-Sprite (Absolut then Skyy). Second, I was with my grade school-mates. We took shots of brandy and I used my cocktail (a mixture of Gran Matador, The BaR strawberry vodka, Tang strawberry and C2) as chaser. I vaguely remember how I got home that night. Now this. Le sigh. This is partly why I wanna give up drinking. Or not. Hahahaha…

But it’s still fun. I just really gotta learn when to stop and recognize when I’m drunk, but not too drunk and not able to function. Hindi ko man lang alam kung na-rape na pala ako hahahaha… ๐Ÿ˜›

Yun lang naman. Hope y’all had a happy weekend! Oh, and nakuha ko din naman yung wallet ko after two days. Nasa gas station somewhere. ๐Ÿ˜›

In this corner…

I’ve had a problem with people cutting line ever since I can remember. I hate the fact that people will try to take advantage sa napaka-simpleng bagay, and think they’re going to get away with it. Not with me. I don’t cut lines and I don’t tolerate people who cut ahead of me. Disclaimer lang, sarili kong nanay ay sumisingit sa pila kung may pagkakataon. She even thinks it’s fun, minsan nakangiti feeling naka-isa sya, and sya pa ang galit dun sa magpo-point out sa kanya na she did, in fact, cut the line. I tell her off about this. This is not how a civilized human being should act. Kaya, mom, I love you, pero we’re better than this, okay? Wrong is wrong.

There have been several instances in which people cut in front of me, and, wala akong paki kung sino ka, aawayin kita, magkamatayan pa tayo. Hindi ako pinalaki ng maayos para lang mabastos ng isang tulad mo, believe me. I could probably even strike you down where you stand, and I am a bit of a war freak. Do not provoke me.

I remember this one time when I lined up at TriNoma’s PUV area to wait for the jeepney ride home. I was the first in line, and people started lining up behind me. After a few minutes, a girl (or a mannish girl) stood near the front of the line beside me. Not really completely in front of me but she stood near the exit area of the other route, yung katabi nung exit nung sa amin. So we waited, people still lined up, and waited. Medyo nagtaka na ko after a few moments dun sa mannish girl, so I asked her “Uh, excuse me, san ka ba nakapila?” And then she answered “Dito” while pointing at the spot in front of me.

Here’s how the rest of the exchange went:

Me: “Uh, kasi ako yung nauna sa pila e. Yun yung dulo oh” then I pointed behind me.

Girl: “Ah, may pila ba?” Duh! Wala! Walang pila! Gusto lang namin tumayo dito magdamag kasi masaya syang gawin!

Me: “Oo. Ayan sa likod ko yung pila.” Medyo tumataas na yung boses ko nito.

Girl: (nakaismid) “Mag-isa lang naman ako e. Ok lang naman, di ba?”

Me: “Hindi. Dun ka sa dulo. Pumila kaming lahat.”

Anyway, ayun, so umalis naman sya. Kapal lang ng mukha. “May pila ba?” Magpapalusot pa e. I hate hearing that.

Recently, may nangyari na naman. My sister and I lined up to get a cab outside of Landmark TriNoma after grocery shopping. Since wala pang nakapila, and the people who got there first of course got the first few cabs na nakapila na. So we went to the front of the “line” and people lined up after us. Maayos naman kasi sa TriNoma (or basta Ayala Mall) so usually wala namang nagiging problema. Lo and behold, some girl and her mom tried to get ahead by walking towards the cab that we’re supposed to get. So tinignan ko kagad ng masama and called their attention. “May pila po.”

The mom shot back “Nakapila naman kami.” Last I checked, we were the first ones in line, so that cab was meant for us. And I didn’t even see them behind us.

Aba, umepal yung anak nyang may hormonal imbalance. “Ambagal nyo kasi maglakad!” Aba, putang to, naghahanap ng away. Natural, kumulo dugo ko. War freak nga e.

So I shouted “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” The daughter screamed back “You shut the fuck up! You don’t know who you’re talking with!”

Hindi ko na lang pinatulan, pasakay na kami ng cab e. Pero ang nasa isip ko nun, uh, DUH! Natural hindi ko kayo kilala. 1. You’re probably nobodies anyway because actual “important” people don’t need to announce that they are, in fact, important and 2. If you people are important (for God knows what reason), why the freaking fuck are you lining up to take a freaking cab? Actual rich people have a minimum of two cars. Oh, meron pa palang 3. Kung kilala ka nga, I still don’t give a flying fuck. Sa terror prof ko nga nung college hindi naman ako takot e, na isa pa sa main prosecutors versus Erap, sa inyo pa kaya? And 4. Hindi ako pumapatol sa tanga kasi useless lang. Ako lang matatalo nun.

Nakauwi naman kami ng maayos, pero nasa boiling point na ko nun. But I calmed down immediately. Ayoko lang talaga sa lahat e yung mga bastos. And if you act like one, I’ll treat you accordingly. An eye for an eye. Capiche?

This too shall pass…

It’s 2:18am. I’m trying to design a logo. Or logos. Either way, I’m still kinda feeling Ehhh

Submitted work that I’m not really, well, let’s just say I didn’t give it my best shot. I could come up with excuses as to why that happened, but clearly, I shouldn’t. I’ll just have to accept the fact that I have a very limited concentration as a designer, and there will be some pros and cons with everything. Nothing is perfect. My ego was just shattered, but… Yeah, you know, life sucks sometimes, but I have to keep on moving along and just figure it out as I go along.

I also disappointed my mom. Nagtatampo tuloy. Nagka-promo ang CebuPac and I immediately took advantage using her card. I know, I know, I’m a terrible son. Pwede naman kasi magpaalam, di ba? Hindi naman sa akin gamit ako ng gamit. Ang tigas din kasi ng ulo ko. Sigh. 25 years old with the mind of a 10 year old. I gotta grow up.

Si ate pa nagsabi sa akin na sabi daw ni mama, di na daw sya importante sa akin. Which couldn’t be further from the truth. Then again, my actions aren’t really making it seem that I do care. Sabi ko nga dun sa isa kong friend before, kasi medyo nagkakaaberya sila nung nanay nya, na he should think about his relationship with his mom now before it’s too late, tas ganito ako, being a hypocrite. I’m doing things that I know might possibly hurt someone, which wasn’t of course the intention. Nasa huli talaga ang pagsisisi.

Nag-New Year’s resolution pa naman ako na I’ll be a better son and brother to my mom and my sister respectively. Tas eto, March na, I’m still the same dysfunctional me. Crap. Even my friend, naaasar na sa akin coz I’m always late. And I can’t argue with that coz I always am. I have very little respect of other people’s time and I hate myself for it.

Yeah, sorry, ginagawa kong sounding board tong blog. Sana may naidudulot na kabutihan to para sa akin, coz I really need to change. I think I’m still too selfish that even my apparent selfless acts (on paper) is basically indulgent.

Crap. I dunno what to do minsan. Actually, madalas. Well, actually… Augh. I think I have a vague idea kung ano yung dapat kong gawin, but I’m just not actively participating on even remotely trying to convince myself to do them.

I think I’m on a downward spiral. I don’t know how to climb up. Ang drama no? Pero yun talaga pakiramdam ko ngayon. Hay buhay.

I need another escape. And I need to get over myself. ๐Ÿ˜

3 weeks, 4 movies and a dozen events after…

And I’m still jobless. By now, usually, I would’ve been bored out of my mind. Usually kasi it takes about a week for me to realize how freakishly bored I am and I start to get agitated and anxious and I start applying left and right, hoping someone will hire me.

How times have changed.

Well, actually, the original plan was to rest up for a week since I really wasn’t able to do that (I left my third job doing overtime on a Saturday afternoon, and immediately reported for my fourth job that coming Monday), charge up the batteries and stuff like that. After that rest week, I was planning on sending out my CV and portfolio (or “oeuvre,” para lang mas sosyal hehe) to big agencies, hoping someone will see my talent and at the very least, give me an interview.

Didn’t pan out that way. And I’m not too sure if that’s a good thing or not.

I’m basically doing freelance work, given to me by my friends. I met them both when I got that third job (the one where I stayed longest: 2 years and 10 months). One of my friends is still with that company, and she gives me some of the projects because, well, I get their design needs better. Pareho ata kasi kami ng wavelength, kaya madali kong ma-incorporate sa design yung gusto nyang mangyari without going back-and-forth too much.

My other friend from that same office resigned last year, a few months after I left. She now works at another agency and since ka-wavelength ko rin sya, my designs are better suited for their campaigns rather than the ones they get from their offshore designers. Siguro kaya kami friends. Hahahaha…

I dunno. For some reason, as bored as I am, I’m not really making too much of an effort applying anywhere. Plus, most of the positions that I see online are either entry-level (which I’m not) or minurder ng HR personnel yung qualifications/job title. I’d like to believe I’m worth more than what these companies can offer. Not that I’ve seen their compensation packages, it’s just that… Well, maybe these days, I’m not in a hurry to jump at another “opportunity” with a new company. It’s not that I don’t want a regular job, but I’d want to have a job that will at least provide some sort of self-worth. Ayaw ko din naman na magkakatrabaho nga ako, tas aalis lang din ako after ilang buwan. Nakasasawa at nakapapagod na mag-resign.

That I’ll be learning. That I’ll be heard. That my work will be relevant. That will make me happy.

Funny lang, mukha akong pera pero hindi talaga pera ang una kong kino-consider when looking for a job. I could be paid a lot less if I’m going to be happy with my co-workers and getting the experience that I need and want. That’s all that matters. Aaminin ko, magastos akong tao, as in sobra.

But it was never about the money. Well, maybe somewhat, yes, but that’s not the treasure that I’m after.ย I’m still waiting for that “perfect job.” I know I’m not getting any younger, and I should get my ass moving. It’s just that… I think it’s about time I feel fulfilled again with what I do. I’ve had that before, so I know it is possible to achieve.

I’ll get there. In due time.


I dunno if it’s a sign of some sort, but after resigning, I felt all sorts of awesome. Thursday I went to UST for the eve of the start of the Quadricentennial celebrations. Saw a former classmate, and met up with college friends. And my mom even attended, all the way from Infanta, Quezon. Oo, lumuwas pa ang nanay ko makaattend lang, as we’re both UST alumni. Basta, ang saya-saya ko nung araw na yun.

Friday, went to Little Tokyo in Makati for dinner with friends. Oks yung ambiance, and okay naman yung food, but not really mind-blowing. Tama lang. After dinner, some of us went to 7th High in Bonifacio Highstreet (formerly Club Ascend). Maganda yung place, kaso their music’s not really my thing. The DJ played mostly R&B tunes, e when clubbing, I usually prefer dance music. Not necessarily trance, but at least something with a nice and fast enough beat to get me grooving. Finished almost half a bottle of vodka, so I was pretty drunk. And I’m not a smoker, but I smoked pa, just coz I felt like it. Masarap pala sa lalamunan yung Marlboro Menthol, them black ones. But hindi talaga para sa akin ang smoking. I don’t crave for it. Saka after a while, gusto ko na lang mag-toothbrush at magmumog. Nasty sa mouth! So inuulit ko, hindi para sa akin talaga ang smoking. ๐Ÿ˜›

And, um, since my ex was feeling pretty frustrated, I sent a message through Facebook that night asking if may plans sya. Nagreply after a few hours asking if I’m home, e by that time pauwi na ako, drunk inside a taxi, at 2am. Long story short, we agreed to meet, sunduin na lang nya ako. So I went home, bathed (since by then I was only smelling of smoke and alcohol), dressed up and waited. Dumating naman after about 45 minutes, 3am if I remember correctly. So we had breakfast sa McDo near TriNoma, went to Starbucks sa Metrowalk, and talked. Well, mostly sya, since kailangan nya mag-vent. And I consider myself a pretty good listener, or at least I try.

Tas we went driving around, kwentuhan lang about random things. Takte lang nakakatawa ang tagal na yata nyang night shift at allergic na ang balat nya sa araw. Sabi ko na lang wag nyang kamutin kasi parang lumalala. Natatawa na lang ako ngayon, kasi masaya talaga kasama yun, kaya namimiss ko madalas.

Pero one thing I realized: we’re now just friends, again (kasi friends na kami noon pa, since we were kids). Exes maybe, pero romantically, wala na. And that totally ready na ako to fully move on.

Before kasi parang inuuto ko lang sarili ko na ready na ako to move on, na hindi ko na sya mahal, pero nung nagkita lang kami ulit, saka lang talaga ako nagkaroon ng closure. Wala ng questions, no more doubts or uncertainties. Aminado na ako sa sarili ko, mahal ko pa sya, and now I don’t think that feeling really goes away. Nung na-admit ko yun sa sarili ko recently, gumaan yung loob ko. Kasi ibig sabihin I’m now really just being honest with myself. Sana talaga maging masaya sya. ๐Ÿ˜€

Saturday night, impromptu dinner with friends again, this time in Handle Bar sa Makati ulit. Masarap yung food, kaso I didn’t particularly love their steak. Ayos lang, but again, not mind-blowing. I love their other menu items better. Tas yun, kwentuhan about love with my friends. I told them about my random meet-up with my ex, and that no, it wasn’t a booty call. “C,” my friend, is having problems with her current boyfriend. “K” naman is also having problems with her jerk of a non-boyfriend/unknown. I kinda feel for them. Sigh.

So yun lang, just sharing. And rambling. Past 3 days was absolutely amazing. Natural high. Kayo? Anong kwentong Rebisco nyo? ๐Ÿ˜€

Tamang Trip

โ™ช All my bags are packed... โ™ซ

So wala na akong trabaho (na full-time) after ng week na to. Happiness! Hahaha… Pero kelangan ko mag-ipon.

Kailangan ko mag-ipon dahil mahilig akong magpunta kung san-san at maglayas lagi. May mga nakaplano na nga akong lakad this year e. Actually, feeling ko puno na nga. Last year I traveled by plane six times, and went on a road trip three times, so basically, I went out of town nine times (out of the country pa yung isa) at eight different destinations. Lakwatsero kasi ako. Sabi nga naman ng isa kong nabasang proverb, mas sasaya ang isang tao sa experiences kumpara sa material things. Magastos nga lang, pero ayos lang. ๐Ÿ˜›

This year, nagkakaayaan na naman magtungo sa mga lugar na di ko pa nararating (mostly). For Feb, day trip to Naga City with one of my college best friends (na nakasama kong lakarin ang kahabaan ng EDSA from Taft to Muรฑoz dahil, wala lang, trip lang namin). Alis kami ng Feb 11 ng gabi by bus, darating kami ng Naga ng madaling araw, then back to Manila na by bus ulit pagdating ng gabi. Wala. Trip lang namin ulit. ๐Ÿ™‚

By May naman, yung pinapasukan ko dati, company outing ulit nila sa Boracay, e since gusto ko na rin lang naman bumalik sa Bora and ok naman ako sa kumpanya ko dati kahit umalis ako (I assume since di naman nila ako pinaalis nung umattend ako uninvited ng Christmas party nila), e why not, di ba? Sasabay na ko sa outing (kasama nung isa kong friend na dun din dati nagtatrabaho). Ito rin yung rason kung bakit I’m going on a diet and doing exercise. Admittedly, hindi ko naituloy ang pagpapaka-vain ko so start ulit ako this week. Malapit na mag-summer! Mainit na nga e. ๐Ÿ˜›

By May din, baka pumunta ako kasama ng seatmate ko nung college graduation (dun lang kami nagkakilala at ngayon e friends na kami hehehe) sa Zambales or sa Puerto Galera, depende sa magiging desisyon nya. Pareho ko pa namang di napupuntahan yun so ok lang sa kin. Ang mahalaga ay makapag-beach. ๐Ÿ™‚

Tapos, sa October 16, pupunta naman kami kasama ng family ko sa Iligan, bibisitahin kasi namin yung puntod ng tito ko. Siguro 2-3 nights din kami dun. Buti na lang, meron akong kakilala dun (bukod sa mga kamag-anak namin of course), at nag-offer pa syang i-tour ako. Bait no? Last time kasi na nakapunta ako ng Iligan was 18 years ago. And I was only 7 then, so malamang marami na ang nagbago, at malamang lahat nung nakita ko dati e hindi ko naman maalala ng buo. Bukod dun sa bahay ng tito ko at yung swimming pool resort na pinuntahan namin, yun ay kung bukas pa yun.

Di ko pa alam kung mag-a-out-of-town ako sa birthday ko sa September, o house party na lang o ano man. Wala pang balak lumayas with my college barkada, although nagkakaayaan sa Bohol, I’m not really too keen kasi dalawang beses na ko nakakapunta dun so medyo nagsasawa na ko. Pero if ever, baka umalis kami ng June or July. Kahit nga Tagaytay lang solb na ko e, tutal favorite place ko naman yun.

Pero magfocus tayo sa Naga. Hahaha… Actually, dalawang rason kung bakit ko gusto pumunta dun. Una, di pa ko nakakarating anywhere sa Bicol Region, so syempre, wala akong alam. Exciting. Bagong place to discover para sa akin (at sa bestpren ko, of course). At pangalawa. Well. Hahaha. Kasi nandun si MD (from this entry:ย http://wp.me/p11Srg-R) at, kung mangyayari man, e mameet ko na sya in person. Wala naman akong balak suyuin sya o anu pa man, tutal sya na din naman ang nagsabi na hindi naman sya naghahanap ng romantic relationship, and I respect that decision. Gusto ko lang sya talagang makilala. We’re friends naman. We’ve been chatting since September tungkol lang sa kung anu-ano. Tignan ko lang kung anung dynamic namin. Yan ay kung magkakaron ng pagkakataon na mag-meet kami. Kasi kung hindi naman, ok lang, no biggie. Hindi naman sya ang ipinunta ko dun (talagang kunyari pa ko, no? Hahahaha).

So, yun lang naman. Byumahe tayo, mga kapwa Pinoy. Madaming magagandang lugar dito sa Pilipinas, tas sobrang enriching pa when you travel. Hindi lang pictures ang maiuuwi nyo, may memories pa, na whether good or bad, you will cherish for a lifetime. And of course, you might get to meet awesome people! Travel, make friends, and be happy! ๐Ÿ˜€

How unprofessional of me!

Wala. itapon na ang career! Wala na!


So, ngayong mga minutong ito, sobrang binabalewala ko na ang aking current job. Bakit? Ayon sa mga nakaraan kong posts, WALA SYANG KWENTA. Buti sana kung sweldo lang ang habol ko. Well, sabihin na nating partly, yes, sweldo. Pero mas malaking pursyento ng hinahanap ko sa trabaho: experience. Mas gusto ko kasi yung may natututunan akong bago. Actually, feeling ko kaya ako tumagal dun sa pangatlo kong trabaho dahil ang dami kong natutunan. Kasi, at the end of the day, you only get better at what you do with experience. Parang RPG lang, lalo kang lalakas pag mas maraming EXP points (sa mga gamers dyan, you know what I mean).

At nababalewala ko sya dahil? Rumaraket na lang ako. Seryoso. E kasi, nung diniscuss pa lang sa akin sa raket kung anu yung gagawin at mga gagawin pa para dun sa kliyente, e ilang oras lang yun, ang dami-dami ko ng natutunan. Kulang na lang sumabog na utak ko. Sarap ng feeling. Sarap ng feeling na may silbi (kahit gaano kababaw) yung ginagawa mo, na at least, may sense sya.

Nga pala, para sa mga hindi nakakaalam, isa akong Graphic Designer. Sa Ad Agency. So, yun.

Importante sa akin ang may natututunan ako. Na may sense yung ginagawa ko. Kumbaga, pinaghalong forces ng left at right brain, creativity and logic. At yung end result, pag maganda, masaya! Portfolio-worthy! Award-winning! Hahaha… Well, sige, hindi pa naman award-winning, pero sana getting there.

Ayaw ko din kasi yung naiitchapwera yung growth ko. Kung hindi importante yun para sa kumpanya, pwes, hindi rin importante para sa akin yung kumpanya. If I stay, I’ll end up resenting the company, the people who run it, and myself. Since I don’t need additional grief, wag na uy. Babay!

Ngunit, hindi tama tong ginagawa ko. Ang last day ko ay sa January 28 pa (ayon sa resignation letter ko) pero dati pa ko tinatamad pumasok. Ipa-shorten ko na kaya, ano? Hanggang this Friday na lang. Wala na din namang use to stay. For their benefit sana kaya hanggang 28 yung nilagay ko, e I can’t for the life of me find a single reason to even wake up so goddamn early to go to that hellhole.

Pero bad. bad tong ginagawa ko. Nagta-trabaho na ko for another company. Shet. masama akong tao, wag tutularan.

Hanggang dito na lang tong post, may tinatapos pa kasi ako. Inuulit ko: wag nyo kong tutularan. ๐Ÿ˜›