Today is a day of grieving

I’ve been a fan of electronic dance music for maybe more than two years now. Basically I’m still an infant as a fan, but I’ve been trying to chug as many tunes as possible. The man responsible for making me fall in love with this kind of music (to be precise: falling in love with trance music) is none other than Ferry Corsten.

Ferry single-handedly made trance to what it is today (according to almost everywhere on the web), and spanning more than 20 years of experience with producing various genres of electronic dance music, it’s kinda easy to see him experiment with almost everything.

Just not this. Remixing a Justin Bieber song, for someone of his caliber is just really… I actually don’t know what to think. Or feel.

I thought it was a hoax. I genuinely thought some guy remixed it and just put Ferry’s name. That it was some kind of deliberate attempt to… I dunno, whatever. But after a day, my hero, the guy who made trance meaningful for me, confirmed that he did, in fact, remix a song of JB’s.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not angry, at all. Nor will I ever. I love Ferry so much. But I can’t help feeling hurt for some reason. I’m still a fan, a big one at that, but I feel the need to mourn. He’s brought EDM-lovers so much for two decades, those will not be forgotten. But this? I dunno.

#the2011SUPERVACAY! Part 3

Next stop, CORON! Takte, I was really excited for this one. I’ve never been to Palawan. And from what I’ve seen in photos, mukhang maganda sa Coron. And I’m going here with my family, coz we decided to celebrate ate’s birthday here. πŸ™‚

So first day, habang palanding pa lang yung plane, ayun, ang ganda na kagad ng view. Low mountains, trees everywhere, pure nature! Lalo tuloy akong na-excite. Last frontier ba naman ng Pilipinas e.

We got out na din kagad. Tas nakita na namin yung sundo namin papunta sa hotel. Ang layo pala. Tas may part pa nung highway na maraming cows grazing. Nakakatuwa lang. I mean, I’ve seen cows naman na, pero hindi ganun kadami. Ang cute lang nila minding their own business. πŸ˜€

When we got to the hotel, they gave us our complimentary drinks na. Uso na ata talaga yun sa mga pa-high-end na hotels, ano? As if naman ang mahal ng juice. But oh well, at least feeling welcome ka. Pero sana hindi naman yung usual lang na mango shake or something. I’d rather yung parang kung sang place ka, yung kahit papaano e medyo unique drink na signature ng place na yun. Wala lang. Naisip ko lang.

Anyway, we toured around the hotel grounds. Maganda naman sya. Malayo nga lang sa bayan, pero ayos lang. Tahimik. Relax-mode naman talaga ang habol ko dito sa Palawan, tutal sobrang napagod ako sa Bora, Baguio and Dagupan. Time to chill.

We decided to eat sa bayan. Para ma-tour man lang kahit konti, ganun. So we went to this resto na mukhang masarap naman yung food dahil sa ambiance. Buti na lang pala we went here, kasi one of the waitresses e nag-o-OJT lang pala dun and is currently enrolled as a Tourism student, so she was able to give us information about the place, where to go, what to do, etc. Kahit hindi na nga namin itanong nasagot na nya.

The food. The food was delish. Tas adventurous kasi ako kahit papaano, na when we go to a new place, I try to at least try local cuisine. This time, it was “Lato” or sea-grapes. Para syang miniature grapes (kasing-laki ng munggo) na kulay neon green. Masarap sya. Kaso, I think we had too much of it kasi the following day, well. Let’s just say humilab yung tiyan namin ng kapatid ko and we used the CR waaaay too often. Tas kahit naka-ilang Diatabs or Imodium na kami, sumasakit pa din tiyan namin and we still rushed to the CR when we had to go. Ugh.

So medyo naudlot yung plano naming island hopping for the second day. E yun pa naman yung araw ng birthday ni ate. Ang saya lang. πŸ˜›

Anyway, bago pa man kami saktan ng tiyan, we climbed the 700+ steps of Mt. Tapyas. Takte extra challenge! Mom only had enough strength to go up 300+ steps. Ate and I went up to the top, took pics, and went down to where mom was. Sabi ko gusto ko abangan yung sunset, so nung malapit na, I went up again. So basically, I climbed about 1100+ steps total. Pagod pero sulit naman. I took shots of the sunset. Sayang lang I didn’t have an SLR camera, mas maganda sana yung labas. Oh well.

Balik tayo sa second day. Since masama na nga pakiramdam ni ate, mom and I decided to check out the hot springs na lang. Ang layo din pala nun, tas ang mahal ng pamasahe! P300 roundtrip! Takte. E parang promo fare na ng Cebu Pacific yun a! Yun ngang roundtrip ko going to CDO last year P600+ lang binayaran ko e. 😐

Hot springs. Oks naman sya. Mainit nga naman, sarap sa laman. Kaso. Ayun. Tyempo sumasakit na din tiyan ko. BUTI NA LANG MAY CR! Augh. Saya. Dun talaga ako inabutan. So after nung incident na yun, we went back to the hotel na tas nung nasa kwarto, salit kami ni ate sa paggamit ng CR. Pagkatapos nya, ako naman. Pagkatapos ko, minsan sya naman. Some vacation this is turning out to be. Second day: planned island hopping naging sleep-all-you-can day.

Third day, medyo ok-ok na kami ni ate, but we bought Diatabs just in case. So ngayon na lang namin tinuloy yung island-hopping. Mula sa bayan, pinuntahan na namin yung boating service, bought food for lunch, got some snorkeling gear then off we went!

Actually this was a very nice day. Hindi masyadong maaraw, tama lang. We went snorkeling ni ate, and the underwater scenes are just breathtaking. We went to a total of five places, I think. Siete Picados for snorkeling, Kayangan Lake for some swimming (freshwater, so medyo nakakapanibago after just coming from saltwater), Banol Beach to eat lunch (which was just divine), Twin Lagoon na sobrang lalim, medyo nakakatakot, and CYC Island just for a bit of shallow water swim. Di na kami tumuloy sa Barracuda Lake kasi aakyat pa ata and mom was tired na from climbing the trail just to get to Kayangan Lake. Pero oks lang, worth it pa din. πŸ™‚

After that, we had dinner na lang sa hotel and prepped our things para ready na for our departure the next day. So nung last day, we just had breakfast sa hotel, got our luggage, and went home. It was a mix of good and bad experiences (I mean, there were some trash pa e parang I was expecting Coron to be really clean), but overall, it was a relaxing trip. Can’t say I’ll be back, though. Medyo mahal din kasi. But overall, a must-visit. πŸ˜€

#the2011SUPERVACAY! Part 2

Well, the second and third place I went to were not really for vacation per se, but it was interesting nonetheless. Second stop: Baguio and Dagupan. It was for HP’s Value Campaign 4 that I was involved in.

Baguio was kind of a welcome sight, since I’ve been here maybe three times before, usually for vacation. Last time I was in Baguio was Christmas 2009, so it was very cold, like jacket + thick pants + scarf weather. Yun bang pag humangin lang e tagos na sa buto yung lamig. This time, tolerable naman. Oks na yung kahit naka-t-shirt ka, although malamig pa din. Yung lamig tamang-tama lang pag tanghali, kahit wag na mag-jacket. So I bought some strawberries and other shit since I’m already here.

Dagupan. Well. I haven’t been to Dagupan pala. I thought nadadaanan namin to dati when we went to Ilocos and Baguio, but I guess hindi pala. Ang alam ko lang, mainit daw dito. Fortunately, nung nandun kami hindi naman. Pero naligaw kami looking for our “hotel.” I mean, uh, oks lang, pero I think kung ako pipili ng accommodation, I wouldn’t stay here. ‘Nuff said.

Both events were successful. Well, I think mas naging mabenta yung sa Dagupan compared to Baguio. Mas willing kasi magparticipate sa games yung mga taga-Dagupan e. But overall, maganda yung turnout pareho.

Actually, by this time, pagod na ko. One more trip to go!!!

In this corner…

I’ve had a problem with people cutting line ever since I can remember. I hate the fact that people will try to take advantage sa napaka-simpleng bagay, and think they’re going to get away with it. Not with me. I don’t cut lines and I don’t tolerate people who cut ahead of me. Disclaimer lang, sarili kong nanay ay sumisingit sa pila kung may pagkakataon. She even thinks it’s fun, minsan nakangiti feeling naka-isa sya, and sya pa ang galit dun sa magpo-point out sa kanya na she did, in fact, cut the line. I tell her off about this. This is not how a civilized human being should act. Kaya, mom, I love you, pero we’re better than this, okay? Wrong is wrong.

There have been several instances in which people cut in front of me, and, wala akong paki kung sino ka, aawayin kita, magkamatayan pa tayo. Hindi ako pinalaki ng maayos para lang mabastos ng isang tulad mo, believe me. I could probably even strike you down where you stand, and I am a bit of a war freak. Do not provoke me.

I remember this one time when I lined up at TriNoma’s PUV area to wait for the jeepney ride home. I was the first in line, and people started lining up behind me. After a few minutes, a girl (or a mannish girl) stood near the front of the line beside me. Not really completely in front of me but she stood near the exit area of the other route, yung katabi nung exit nung sa amin. So we waited, people still lined up, and waited. Medyo nagtaka na ko after a few moments dun sa mannish girl, so I asked her “Uh, excuse me, san ka ba nakapila?” And then she answered “Dito” while pointing at the spot in front of me.

Here’s how the rest of the exchange went:

Me: “Uh, kasi ako yung nauna sa pila e. Yun yung dulo oh” then I pointed behind me.

Girl: “Ah, may pila ba?” Duh! Wala! Walang pila! Gusto lang namin tumayo dito magdamag kasi masaya syang gawin!

Me: “Oo. Ayan sa likod ko yung pila.” Medyo tumataas na yung boses ko nito.

Girl: (nakaismid) “Mag-isa lang naman ako e. Ok lang naman, di ba?”

Me: “Hindi. Dun ka sa dulo. Pumila kaming lahat.”

Anyway, ayun, so umalis naman sya. Kapal lang ng mukha. “May pila ba?” Magpapalusot pa e. I hate hearing that.

Recently, may nangyari na naman. My sister and I lined up to get a cab outside of Landmark TriNoma after grocery shopping. Since wala pang nakapila, and the people who got there first of course got the first few cabs na nakapila na. So we went to the front of the “line” and people lined up after us. Maayos naman kasi sa TriNoma (or basta Ayala Mall) so usually wala namang nagiging problema. Lo and behold, some girl and her mom tried to get ahead by walking towards the cab that we’re supposed to get. So tinignan ko kagad ng masama and called their attention. “May pila po.”

The mom shot back “Nakapila naman kami.” Last I checked, we were the first ones in line, so that cab was meant for us. And I didn’t even see them behind us.

Aba, umepal yung anak nyang may hormonal imbalance. “Ambagal nyo kasi maglakad!” Aba, putang to, naghahanap ng away. Natural, kumulo dugo ko. War freak nga e.

So I shouted “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” The daughter screamed back “You shut the fuck up! You don’t know who you’re talking with!”

Hindi ko na lang pinatulan, pasakay na kami ng cab e. Pero ang nasa isip ko nun, uh, DUH! Natural hindi ko kayo kilala. 1. You’re probably nobodies anyway because actual “important” people don’t need to announce that they are, in fact, important and 2. If you people are important (for God knows what reason), why the freaking fuck are you lining up to take a freaking cab? Actual rich people have a minimum of two cars. Oh, meron pa palang 3. Kung kilala ka nga, I still don’t give a flying fuck. Sa terror prof ko nga nung college hindi naman ako takot e, na isa pa sa main prosecutors versus Erap, sa inyo pa kaya? And 4. Hindi ako pumapatol sa tanga kasi useless lang. Ako lang matatalo nun.

Nakauwi naman kami ng maayos, pero nasa boiling point na ko nun. But I calmed down immediately. Ayoko lang talaga sa lahat e yung mga bastos. And if you act like one, I’ll treat you accordingly. An eye for an eye. Capiche?

3 weeks, 4 movies and a dozen events after…

And I’m still jobless. By now, usually, I would’ve been bored out of my mind. Usually kasi it takes about a week for me to realize how freakishly bored I am and I start to get agitated and anxious and I start applying left and right, hoping someone will hire me.

How times have changed.

Well, actually, the original plan was to rest up for a week since I really wasn’t able to do that (I left my third job doing overtime on a Saturday afternoon, and immediately reported for my fourth job that coming Monday), charge up the batteries and stuff like that. After that rest week, I was planning on sending out my CV and portfolio (or “oeuvre,” para lang mas sosyal hehe) to big agencies, hoping someone will see my talent and at the very least, give me an interview.

Didn’t pan out that way. And I’m not too sure if that’s a good thing or not.

I’m basically doing freelance work, given to me by my friends. I met them both when I got that third job (the one where I stayed longest: 2 years and 10 months). One of my friends is still with that company, and she gives me some of the projects because, well, I get their design needs better. Pareho ata kasi kami ng wavelength, kaya madali kong ma-incorporate sa design yung gusto nyang mangyari without going back-and-forth too much.

My other friend from that same office resigned last year, a few months after I left. She now works at another agency and since ka-wavelength ko rin sya, my designs are better suited for their campaigns rather than the ones they get from their offshore designers. Siguro kaya kami friends. Hahahaha…

I dunno. For some reason, as bored as I am, I’m not really making too much of an effort applying anywhere. Plus, most of the positions that I see online are either entry-level (which I’m not) or minurder ng HR personnel yung qualifications/job title. I’d like to believe I’m worth more than what these companies can offer. Not that I’ve seen their compensation packages, it’s just that… Well, maybe these days, I’m not in a hurry to jump at another “opportunity” with a new company. It’s not that I don’t want a regular job, but I’d want to have a job that will at least provide some sort of self-worth. Ayaw ko din naman na magkakatrabaho nga ako, tas aalis lang din ako after ilang buwan. Nakasasawa at nakapapagod na mag-resign.

That I’ll be learning. That I’ll be heard. That my work will be relevant. That will make me happy.

Funny lang, mukha akong pera pero hindi talaga pera ang una kong kino-consider when looking for a job. I could be paid a lot less if I’m going to be happy with my co-workers and getting the experience that I need and want. That’s all that matters. Aaminin ko, magastos akong tao, as in sobra.

But it was never about the money. Well, maybe somewhat, yes, but that’s not the treasure that I’m after.Β I’m still waiting for that “perfect job.” I know I’m not getting any younger, and I should get my ass moving. It’s just that… I think it’s about time I feel fulfilled again with what I do. I’ve had that before, so I know it is possible to achieve.

I’ll get there. In due time.

The Cost of Friendship

Another midnight thought: can you put a pricetag on friendship?

Automatic answer would be “Of course you can’t!”

For months now, that answer has been said in my head half-heartedly. Ideally, I would say that you can’t put a monetary amount on something that’s priceless. Money should be the least of the reasons why you stay friends with your friends.

The tides turn when a needy, desperate friend asks to borrow money, not to continue cultivating a lavish lifestyle or anything, but just to help out with family. At first thought, you’d think “Wow, how noble,” and agree to lend some money, thinking that after some time, the amount will be fully returned. And half a year later, that said friend, as noble as the intention was, is still making excuses as to why no single centavo has been paid back yet.

I’ve been told by another friend that money shouldn’t even be something you fight about with a friend, especially a true, genuine, I-love-you-in-a-platonic-way BFF.

Gray areas seem to manifest.

I just feel bad that everytime I communicate with said friend, I’m always prone to ask whether or not payment will be made available already. And every single time, the reply always seem to just mention that “No, payment isn’t available at the moment because of blah blah blah reason blah blah blah.” And it’s tiring.

It’s tiring to see that particular friend’s name online, on your phonebook or somewhere else, and the only thing that pops into your mind is “I wonder if my friend can pay me up already. It’s been too long.”

And the excuse, again, will just be the same shit. Different day.

I’m tired. I dunno how to conclude this post, actually. I just feel like such a bad guy whenever I text asking for payment. I know it’s my right to ask for it since “friend” owes me the money, but I also can’t help but be sad and somewhat angry at the situation. Sad because I know my friend is going through a rough time, and angry because that friend doesn’t seem to realize that this is a responsibility that must be fulfilled. I’m also sad and angry that it’s come to this.

How did we get here?

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From the bottom of my broken heart

Cue Britney.

Sigh. Basted na naman. Actually, I dunno what to put in this post, but I just feel as if I have to do something, anything, to… Well, actually I dunno why I have to do what I feel like doing. I don’t even know what I really feel like doing. Compound problem na ata ito. I’m still, well, i just think ha. I still feel generally unhappy. Sa career (kasi walang kwenta yung trabaho ko ngayon). Sa lovelife (kasi wala pa din). Sa family and friends, ok naman. I still at least have a social life. Or what’s left of it, anyway. And I basically gave up my sex life nung may seseryosohin na sana ako, yun pala may dine-date ng syang iba, and they want to make it exclusive. Sigh.

Gusto ko sanang magpaka-Meredith Grey at sabihing “Pick me. Choose me. Love me.” Kaya lang parang OA naman kasi. Saka masaya naman ako para sa kanya. Pero damn. Didn’t anticipate that it’ll hurt like fuck. Sigh.

So since I resigned nung January 11 (my last day will be on the 28th), and wala pang kapalit na work, I’m still basically applying (although I do have freelance), I’m practically jobless and loveless. Putangina lang, di ba?

Ayaw ko na kasi ng landian lang. One time deal. Tikim tikim. I have my own life naman, but ideally, I wish to share it with someone special. Wag naman anyone, yung tipong mamahalin naman ako at yung mamahalin ko din naman. Gusto ko pa nga maikasal e. Again, sucker for romance here. Nothing against having one-night-stands (or two, or three, you get my point), but geez.

So, the search for the next “The One” continues. Minsan lang kasi, nakakapanghina ng loob. Parang nagiging dream job kasi, na you have to have a kick-ass resumΓ© para lang matanggap.Β I mean, I think I’m okay naman. I’m smart. I’m nice naman, patient, especially for a special someone. I’m not really seloso or anything, tama lang. I’m talented naman when it comes to art and shit. Well, I’m not super hot nga lang, but I think physically I’m acceptable naman. I have a wide array of interests. I’m honest pa, sometimes to a fault. I’m supportive, understanding and loving. Mataas naman ako mangarap. And when the going gets tough, I don’t quit naman easily, unless mukhang wala na talagang patutunguhan (like my job ngayon). So ano lang, frustrating. Kasi I believe I have a lot to offer. Ang tanong, kanino ko naman io-offer yun? Sigh.

Sana lang, sana, magamit ko tong nararamdaman ko ngayon to do something productive, kahit for myself lang. As a fuel, to get me going for something. I’m not naman giving up hope, alam ko naman, one day, darating sa buhay ko yung special someone na yun.

Ika nga ni pareng Tiesto: “Love Comes Again.”

All Grown-Up Christmas

I’m beginning to not like Christmas.

Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved the season. The cool weather, the gifts, the pamaskos, the caroling, the Christmas specials, the decorations, seeing sparkly things around the metro, everything. I just inhaled Christmas and all I exhaled were wonderful things.

Fast-forward to my twenties, things got a bit ugly. Especially when I got a job. It’s really okay for me to spend money on gifts and such, especially for my family and friends. I mean, who wouldn’t?

But the annual tirade from some people jokingly asking for their gifts and such, it can be tiring. Some of them are even related to me by blood. I even have one specific aunt, who, by no known reason, tends to say and do the most blood-boiling things.

A little back-story. My sister and I went home to the province since that’s where mom lives, and we spent Christmas at her place this year. We also brought along a new dog since we can’t keep him in our place here in Manila. They don’t allow it in the condo, you see. Anyway, after we had our Christmas day lunch, this aunt (let’s just name her Aunt J) called my other aunt (Aunt P), saying they’ve been calling from outside mom’s gate for the past few minutes already. So mom let them in. Aunt J, her two daughters, and some of her grandchildren.

Big sis and I went off to wash the plates, and upon seeing us, Aunt J exclaims “Uy, nandito pala kayo, dalawa ang pamamaskuhan ko!” And I automatically raised my right eyebrow. “Uh, tita,” I said, frowning. “Wala akong inaanak sa inyo, no.”

“Ah, ganun ba. Eh ako naman ang mamamasko,” she explicitly added.

“KAPAL!” I said in my head.

“Tita, hindi naman kita inaanak,” ate calmly said.

“Ah, ganun ba?” she replied, lamely.

I didn’t even bother to kiss her on the cheek as a greeting. Bad trip na ko e. Imagine, tita mo na wala naman naging papel sa buong buhay mo, porke may trabaho ka na e hihingan ka ng pamasko? Kapal muks! Pasalamat sya at pasko kundi siguro may nasabi pa akong masama sa kanya. Ganun din kasi sya nung umuwi yung isa kong pinsan galing London a few years ago. Nasan daw pasalubong para sa kanya. WTF? Baket?

Eto pa, after nila kumain (uninvited ha), nagpaalam na agad, kesyo daw baka di na pumunta si tito (asawa nya) so babalikan na nila sa bahay. Eat-and-run lang talaga. Di na rin ako nagpaalam sa kanila, puta.

Lesson? Wag maging katulad nila. Walang manners at all. Sarili lang ang importante. Ok lang naman na makikain sila and everything, pero yung sobrang apparent na nandun lang sila para makikain and nothing else, di man lang nakibalita and such, stayed for a few hours para makipagkwentuhan, be mildly interested sa mga buhay namin, e ibang klaseng kakapalan na ng mukha. This is just one of her many, many antics na automatic roll-eyes ang reaction ko, with a big sigh. *Sigh*

Isa pang lesson? For me kasi, Christmas is the season to let the people dear to you know how much you love them. I mean, of course hindi na mawawala yung gift-giving and such, pero iba na yung you ask for it. Kaya nga “gift” e, freely given. Walang kapalit, bukal sa kalooban. Saka for me, unless close kayo nung tao, wala kang karapatan ever to say “Uy, regalo ko ha.” That just spells how cheap a person is.

Ok. Rant over. Better just let the bad vibes go, inhale the Christmas that was so that the forthcoming celebrations become just as wonderful, if not more. On to 2011! 400th anniversary pa ng school ko. Yeba!


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One of those

Oh, brother...

“POWER yourself and attend our FREE workshop on CONFIDENCE BUILDING, POWER DRESSING, FASHION TIPS and more on Oct. 9 starting 9AM @ CVG UP Techno Hub, Delta Bldg.,Philcoa. Bring 2 friends and enjoy FREE transportation, food and exciting raffle prizes. Take advantage and confirm now through 0927319XXXX/0927535XXXX. FIRST 20 participants to confirm will receive a free gift!”

Seriously? “FREE GIFT”? By mere definition, a gift is free, genuises. *roll eyes* And Convergys, wherever you got my number, don’t send me a text again. That would be greatly appreciated.


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The Quarter Mile

Happy Birthday to me...

Seriously, life, WTF?

I’ve been talking to my friends for months now, about silly, mundane things. About life, in general. And all our perceptions of it. Things like work, what happened in the past, professionalism, money, about us turning 25.

Twenty-five. In 5 days, I’ll be turning a quarter of a century old. I dunno what’s up with this number, but there’s something. It’s not that I’m dreading it or anything. Well, maybe I am dreading it, and I’m convincing myself that I’m not. Either way, in 5 days time, I’ll be 25. There’s no changing that, no stopping it.

Twenty-freaking-five and now I seem to not know what I’m doing with my life. Frack.

I am partially excited, though. There’s this party that I’ll be attending, an 18th bash of my new friend Angela. See, I’ve only met her this weekend, and we’ve basically been communicating online for maybe weeks now. Gotta love both Twitter and Facebook. Anyways, we have the same birthday, only I’m 7 years older. Geez Louise. Okay, mantra mode: “Age is just a number, age is just a number.”

So yeah. And it’s a costume party, which I love, BTW. And I have a costume already, so WOOT!

But, yeah, sigh. Life. I mean, it’s fun and everything, but there’s still something missing. I’m definitely screwing up at work. I want to make it better, but I seem to just be unable to. They’ve even talked to me thrice now. I know I’m screwing up. But my heart’s just not in it. For some bizarre reason, I just can’t seem to love my job any more. Gah. This sucks.

I don’t even know why that’s important to me, to basically fall in love with what I’m doing. Maybe I’m trying to be too idealistic, too emotional about this thing. But I’ve had that before, that amazing feeling that I’m doing something worthwhile. That I’m doing something that’s so fucking amazing, it’s unbelievable it’s called a job. Now? Now I just feel like crap all the freaking time. Now I’m always finding some excuse or the other to just basically quit. The sad thing is, I just really don’t care any more. And the apathy is overwhelming.

I thought this was the change of pace that I’ve been needing and wanting for some time now. Looks like this isn’t it. It’s like life’s been throwing me curve balls and I can’t seem to see whether to dodge or hit back or stand still.

Ah. I’ll figure it out eventually. Let’s see. Onto 25th. Keep moving forward.

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