Cream Halloween Ball 2012!

Life as an adult is chock full of responsibilities: you work for 40 hours per week, you pay thousands for your monthly bills, you do chores day in and day out, that sometimes you just really need an escape, even if it’s as rare as the blue moon.

Good thing there’s Halloween: my favorite holiday. It’s that magical time of the year where you can make your every fantasy come alive!

Halloween is when grown ups forget about being grown ups and revisit their childhood, dress up, and play a role: monsters, zombies, vampires, fairies, super heroes, and so much more. As some would say, just let your imagination run rampant.

For 12 years now, Bigfish Manila has been committed to that magic and each year brings us the BIGGEST HALLOWEEN COSTUME DANCE EVENT. And this year, it’ll be more than insane, it’ll be monumentally mental.

Bigfish Manila and Freedom Music present “BIGFISH CREAM Halloween Ball 2012” on October 27, 2012 (Saturday) at the WorldTradeCenter, the BIGGEST and LARGEST dance costume party in the archipelago.

Bigfish Cream Halloween Ball 2012

Featuring for the 1st time in Manila, DJ SIMON PATTERSON and DJ SEAN TYAS for a one of a kind “back to back set.”  Together with Bigfish resident DJs: John Paul Lee & Chris Raeuber & MC Lavoce.

CREAM Halloween Ball 2012 is brought to you by: FREEDOM MUSIC, BACARDI “Made to Mix”, POWER HORSE Energy Drink “Free Your Energy”, Official Music Channel: MTV, Official Media Channels: AXN & Sony beTV, and Official Residence: Diamond Hotel.

Media Partners: Magic 89.9,  Focus Media, Killer Bee, Mellow 94.7, Wave 891, 99.5 RT, Velvet, People Asia, Where, Clavel, Garage, Metro, Maven, Adobo Magazine, The Philippine Star, Business Mirror, Manila Bulletin Lifestyle, Business World,,,,, Focalcast, Media Magnet,, and Special thanks go to O Music and Video and Gold’s Gym. Bigfish Radio at Magic 89.9 & all Killerbee Stations every Saturdays 12 midnight & Bigfish TV at PLDT Watchpad. Also supported by The Philippine Department of Tourism.

For tickets & vip tables call 632 77 63 / 634 82 38 or log on to

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Been almost a month since I turned 27, that kind of pesky number that signals my entry into the late twenties. Three more years, and I’ll be fucking 30.

Don’t get me wrong, growing older is kind of inevitable. We all do it every second.

This year was kind of wild. Well, compared to last year’s quiet celebrations. The weekend before my birthday, we went to Singapore and experienced Universal Studios. Was fun, very fun, in fact, that I really want to go back (when I already have a budget for it). Methinks it’s S$75 per person for a one day all access pass, but it’s hella worth it. I’d so go back to the Transformers ride and the Battlestar Galactica rollercoasters again. Scary shit, but maaaaan, what an experience.

Day of my birthday, eleventh of September (yes, yes, same day of that fateful day back in 2001), and I was prepping to hang out with some EDM-loving friends. It was kinda unplanned. Contacted my friend Marc to ask if he’s game for some beer, then asked our common friend Jeff if he is also. Turns out Jeff’s place is free, so we went there and just bought several 1 liter bottles of Red Horse. Drank four bottles, and asked them if they wanted to come with since I’ll be going to Time (my fave underground club). Both said yes, though Marc can only stay for a few minutes as he had to go home.

Since I told them that I wanna go to Time on Strike Tuesdays since I missed United Under Dance during the weekend that I was in Singapore, Cam and JP were texting me the entire night asking if I was coming. And so I did. And had fun. And had an after-party that lasted two days. Hahahahaha!

Wild, wild birthday. Got to spend it with my best friend, my EDM friends, and my beau. Life is beautiful! PLUR.

Hello. I’m a Trance-aholic.

I haven’t been into trance that long. I’ve only been introduced to the genre when I went to Innovation Black 2010. The featured DJ of the night was Ferry Corsten, and I had no idea who he was. A few hours into the night, I was hooked. I’ve been to other Bigfish raves (aka “dance parties”) before, but none was able to make it this life changing. Nothing this significant, anyway.

I went to YouTube the following week to check out some of Mr. Corsten’s stuff. One of the first videos to come up was Radio Crash. “Nice title,” I thought. I clicked it, waited for it to load, then BAM! Memory overload. My mind went back instantly to the night that he played here. “Holy shit!” Music can be a very powerful mnemonic device, but I had no clue how powerful. I remembered exactly what happened. Once the chorus of the track comes on (or the drop, I don’t think that can be classified as the chorus), I visualize the night, my friend jumping along towards the front. I remember her dancing. I remember all of us having the time of our lives.

“I gotta share this on Facebook!” I posted, then tagged my friends who were with me that night. “Hey, d’you remember this track?” I asked. They had no recollection. I was the only one who had a vivid memory of what happened when that particular track played. From then on, a part of my world changed.

I used to have albums from commercial/mainstream musicians. Now, I only listen to tracks produced by Ferry Corsten, Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Sander van Doorn, Cosmic Gate, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Rank 1, John O’Callaghan, Kyau and Albert, Jochen Miller, Orjan Nilsen, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Above and Beyond, Gabriel and Dresden, Solarstone, and so much more. Their music, I dunno, it just makes me feel like I’m connected to this invisible force of peace and I dunno what else. It’s comforting, and I feel so alive whenever I listen and dance to these types of tracks.

And I friggin’  love to dance, and I am by no means trained formally in the art, but I guess, freestyling is just my thing (I’d love to learn proper technique, though). I love the feeling of trance music just rushing from my ears to my brain to my fingertips and it just makes me want to move and express whatever I’m feeling.

Sigh. And you know what? I’m lucky to have found a bunch of people equally or more passionate than I am when it comes to trance. I feel at home with them, even though I feel like such a noob when it comes to my musical knowledge. I’ve got a long way to go, but hey, I believe the journey’s going to be worth it.

To Via, Tina, and Christmas, I hope we get to hang out soon. Thank you for the company during my “trance formative” months. Hahahahaha… I miss you guys.

To Jeff, Paul, and Marc, what can I say? The lightshows are mind-blowing. Let’s do it again!

To Goldy, Steve, Agi, Odie, Rachel, Ness, Martin, Ehm, Barny, AJ, and the other peeps I regularly bump into at Bigfish, party on!

To Jason, Marx, and Marty, thank you for making me “ampon” nung Hed Kandi. Hahahaha… See you guys soon!

To Pat, Marti, JP, Cam, Renee, Miguel, Timi, Abbie, Napoleon, Woody, Tommy, Mark, Kris, Lotty, Xandee, Tosh, Kyle, Lexi, Marco, Jay, Koko, Zoe, Luther, Roland, Tony, Rejie, and the rest of TTD: I’m so thankful I’ve met you guys. Yung mga hindi ko pa nami-meet in person (Chico and Nixx come to mind), I’d love to meet you. Grabe, sobrang… It still feels so surreal na I’m hanging out with you guys. 😀

See you guys on the 11th? And the 24th? And the 25th? Spread the love! 😀

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Everything Fades To Black: Bigfish Innovation Black

MANILA, Philippines: We’ve put on our best white ensembles, now it’s time for the power of BLACK to unite us once again! Bigfish Manila and Cuervo Black presents INNOVATION BLACK 2012, in cooperation with Power Horse Energy Drink “Free Your Energy”, AXN, SONY BeTV, and Diamond Hotel.


The most massive Black Party will be held on August 25, 2012 (Saturday) at The World Trade Center featuring the one & only DJ JEROME ISMA-AE and the uplifting trance duo: TRITONAL. Together with BIGFISH resident DJs, John Boy Lee & Chris Raeuber. This year’s line-up of electronic music masters will make the dancefloor burn to their progressive and melodic beats.


Emerging from relative obscurity in early 2007, in just a few short years Tritonal has become one of the most recognizable names on the modern trance and progressive world stage. Both exceptional talents in their own right, Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed formed a prolific music production partnership from opposite ends of the United States which exceeded all expectations and proved to be a creative match made in heaven.


Hailing from Munich, Jerome Isma-Ae is one of the highest-selling, most successful Progressive House DJ/producers of the last 3 years. He is reinventing and designing the sounds since the early years of EDM. Building, combining, releasing and holding on to a continuously sharp sound, fit for both timelessness and the current demands of the dance floor society. German producer/DJ Jerome Isma-Ae sure kept himself busy over the past 15 years. But results are showing. With the characteristic Isma-Ae sound on his side, requested and praised by many, he’s got the best weapon there is: the ability to stand out. Mind you, it’s a weapon he won’t hesitate to use.


Media Partners: Magic 89.9, Focus Media, Killer Bee, Mellow 94.7, Wave 891, 99.5 RT, Myx, Velvet, People Asia, Where, Clavel, Garage, Metro, Maven, Adobo Magazine, The Philippine Star, Business Mirror, Manila Bulletin Lifestyle, Business World,,,,, Focalcast, Media Magnet,, and Special thanks go to official residence partner Diamond Hotel, O Music and Video, and Gold’s Gym. Bigfish Radio at Magic 89.9 & all Killerbee Stations every Saturdays 12 mindnight & Bigfish TV at Pldt Watchpad. Also supported by The Philippine Department of Tourism.

For tickets & vip tables call 632 77 63 / 634 82 38 or log on to


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Bigfish’s Annual White Party Hits Manila In June!

Prepare your white outfits!

MANILA, Philippines: “Purity. Unity. Seduction. Sensation.” This is the maxim of Bigfish Innovation White. Clearly, at this party, you’re in for one heck of a musical ride. Bigfish and Freedom Music present Bigfish Innovation White 2012, the country’s biggest musical congregation of white-clothed clubbers, happening on June 23 at the World Trade Center! This year’s lineup is a who’s who of the most promising acts in electronic music today: Cosmic Gate, Myon & Shane54, Bobina, and Emma Hewitt, who are joined by Bigfish’s John Paul Lee and Chris Raeuber.

German DJ/producer duo Cosmic Gate made the global dance community snap to attention when they jumped 43 places to land on No. 19 of DJ Mag’s Top 100 for 2009. That was the same year they teamed up with the striking, silken-voiced Australian songstress Emma Hewitt for the single “Not Enough Time”, a dance music hit that earned them nominations for Best Trance Track at the 2010 International Dance Music Awards and Best Selling Trance Act at the 2010 Beatport Awards.

Hungarian duo Myon & Shane54 are another European trance tandem that’s carving a name for themselves as they gig from continent to continent. With a list of solid singles and fierce remixes to their name, even trance luminaries Armin van Buuren and Above and Beyond are fans of their work, having featured them on their respective compilations.


Also on the bill is Moscow-based trance master Bobina, whom Ferry Corsten has called “one of the most talented music producers ever to come out of Russia”. Having released the country’s first #1 electronic dance album and being the first Russian DJ to snag a spot in DJ Mag’s Top 100 roundup, Bobina is hailed as a dance music god in his home country.


Joining these trance greats at the Innovation White stage are Team Bigfish’s main men John Paul Lee and Chris Raeuber.

Head to the World Trade Center on June 23 and be part of this massive trance movement! Let’s keep things pure—let’s all come in white.

BIGFISH Innovation WHITE 2012 Official media partners: AXN & Sony Be TV, Magic 89.9, Animax, Focus Media, Killer Bee, Mellow 94.7, Wave 891, 99.5 RT, Myx, Velvet, People Asia, FHM, Where, Clavel, Uno, Garage, Metro, Maven, Adobo Magazine, The Philippine Star, Business Mirror, Manila Bulletin Lifestyle, Business World,,,,, Focalcast, Media Magnet,, and Special thanks go to official residence partner Diamond Hotel, O Music and Video, Oliver’s Super Sandwiches and Gold’s Gym. Supported by The Philippine Department of Tourism.

For ticket inquiries and VIP table reservations, please contact (02) 6327762 or (02) 6348238. For more information, visit

Party up, see you at the dance floor, and trance ON!

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It’s my birthday and I’ll blog if I want to. :)

So, today, which is my birthday, is technically my fourth time celebrating it this year. First one was during Innovation Black/Godskitchen Neon two weekends ago. The next one was the surprise birthday dinner at Amin’s, my friend’s boyfriend’s place. Nakakatawa lang na parang days leading to my birthday, I was just feeling crappy and I was thinking na I haven’t really had a surprise birthday thing, usually laging ako nagpa-plano or kasama sa planning. So I’m really, really grateful. 🙂

This Saturday, a day before the b-day, mom came to Manila and we had dinner and watched a movie for some chill celebration. The next day was basically just a family lunch, but what was nice about it was discovering a new resto and just loving the ambiance, the food and the service. I hope more restaurants are like that.

This month, my family and I will be bound for Hong Kong for our annual out-of-the-country trip. After that, I’m planning on hosting a dinner party at my place with my college buddies as my guests. Overnight na din siguro, slumber party of sorts. Depende na lang kung maaaya ko sila mag-swimming sa nearby pool. Bahala na.

Life’s tough. Anniversary pa nung 9-11 attacks sa USA, so I’m definitely thankful din na I’m still alive. And from what happened to USA, I learned a bunch of stuff, most notable is the lesson that we should all be thankful for the life that we have and that we shouldn’t let anything, even fear itself, keep us from living our lives to the fullest.

Party on, mates! Life’s tough, but we’re tougher. Cheers! 😀


Hi again! Damn. As much as I’d love to update this blog as often as possible, I still don’t really have any idea what to even write about. Life’s been really uneventful as of late. Well, not really. But I can’t seem to gather enough energy and blog about what’s been happening.

Anyway, as some of you might know, I’m basically a party-phile. Well, mostly raves, as I absolutely enjoy trance music, and maybe even house to some degree. So far, the major local dance organizer here – BigFish International – have been busy inviting some of the major international trance acts to throw us grand parties. It’s an amazing experience, but if chaotic big crowds aren’t your thing, you might not get to enjoy it.

Since 2011 started, I’ve made it a point to attend every event BigFish will have this year, sort of like a goal or something. So far, I’ve been to the following: Trance NRG featuring the legendary trance DJ/Producer Marco V; Hed Kandi featuring DJ Andy Norman with Peyton live on vocals; Boracay Summer NRG featuring my ultra-fave Ferry Corsten; Innovation White | Ministry of Sound featuring Chicane with Emma Hewitt live on vocals; Innovation Black | Godskitchen Neon featuring the very talented Alex M.O.R.P.H. and, a favorite singer, Betsie Larkin live on vocals. I think I enjoyed it all, except for Innovation White, coz it seemed too lounge-y for my tastes. 5 events down, with two more on the horizon.

On October, there’ll be two trance events. One is Paul Van Dyk: Evolution World Tour, happening on October 19 – a Wednesday! A freaking Wednesday! Well, it’s not as if I have a permanent job to provide unwanted conflict, so of course I’ll be going as I haven’t really experienced PVD (and as if I really needed an excuse to go). Ten days later, it’ll be time once again to put together a costume of sorts and attend the biggest Halloween costume party here in the metro: Cream Halloween Ball Year 11!  Headlining acts are W&W and Guiseppe Ottaviani, both of which I’m really unfamiliar with. Then again, I only knew about Ferry Corsten last year during his Twice In A Blue Moon experience and he’s one of the most popular ones.

I really enjoyed Innovation Black this year mostly because of Alex M.O.R.P.H. I believe it’s safe to say he’s one of the best, god-like DJs out there today. Apparently, PVD is of the same caliber, so I’m really excited to see him perform. Also, since W&W and Guiseppe Ottaviani are both trance-centric, I’ll probably be in a trance-induced coma when I go to Cream. LED sticks, anyone? 😀

Hey, life’s a party. We all should DANCE! 😀

My LED-mounted shades. Oh yeah!

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Pimp me! In a work-sense, okay? :D

Hello! I’m a bit back, in a sense, coz I wanna pimp myself. I need a freelance gig, y’all. If you know anyone needing a graphic designer on a per-project basis, well, I’m basically offering my services. Pretty please? Hahaha… Anyway, I think I’ve got the talent and the experience. I specialize on classy / high-end lifestyle layouts. But I also dabble with other designs to meet the client’s creative needs.

So here’s my current portfolio:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hahaha… Well, that’s basically it. Maybe I’ll touch-up this wordpress site some time to reflect my design sensibilities in order to sell myself in a manner that’s “conceptual” in a sense.

Till next time! 😀

Cinco de Mayo!

Another delayed post. Tinamad kasi ako mag-blog for some reason. Anyway…

I went out for Cinco de Mayo with my good friend Via, and we went to Agave at The Fort to celebrate. We don’t exactly know what the holiday is for, but heck, any happy excuse to drink loads of alcohol is good enough for me!

So we got there, perfect coz it was a Thursday, and ordered a bottomless Cancun Margarita each. Tas we ordered food na, and pretty soon, we were feeling the effects of the Tequila. Pero hindi sapat yung Margaritas lang. Of course we had to take shots of Tequila! Via even spotted a guy na mag-isa so she sent a shot his way. He went to our table and thanked Via, introduced himself (his name is Charlie) and apparently he’s American, a writer and is just here to relax. And yung girlfriend ata nya works for Agave.

Pretty soon, after chugging at least 10 glasses of Margarita and maybe 4 shots of Jose Cuervo Silver, feeling ko wala na akong ulirat. Pero meron pa naman. Iba na nga lang yung ngiti ko. 😛 I was laughing loudly na and exchanging stories with Via and Charlie (who joined us at our table) while drinking up a storm. I think final count ko was 14 glasses of Margarita (probably more) and 7 shots of Tequila. I think I threw up pa nga sa CR, pero oks lang. At least I didn’t black out. Skyy Vodka lang ata nakakagawa sa kin nun for some reason.

So I was able to go home naman conscious, but Via got sick for several days. Hindi talaga sila bati ng Tequila. For me, I kinda like Tequila kasi, so oks lang. And buti I really don’t get hangovers kasi with the amount of alcohol I consumed, I guess for those who do get hangovers, well. Sabihin na lang natin na the morning after ain’t gonna be so much fun. Pero kahit na.

So parting words for y’all: Live life! Be adventurous! And celebrate! Cheers! 😀

#the2011SUPERVACAY! Part 3

Next stop, CORON! Takte, I was really excited for this one. I’ve never been to Palawan. And from what I’ve seen in photos, mukhang maganda sa Coron. And I’m going here with my family, coz we decided to celebrate ate’s birthday here. 🙂

So first day, habang palanding pa lang yung plane, ayun, ang ganda na kagad ng view. Low mountains, trees everywhere, pure nature! Lalo tuloy akong na-excite. Last frontier ba naman ng Pilipinas e.

We got out na din kagad. Tas nakita na namin yung sundo namin papunta sa hotel. Ang layo pala. Tas may part pa nung highway na maraming cows grazing. Nakakatuwa lang. I mean, I’ve seen cows naman na, pero hindi ganun kadami. Ang cute lang nila minding their own business. 😀

When we got to the hotel, they gave us our complimentary drinks na. Uso na ata talaga yun sa mga pa-high-end na hotels, ano? As if naman ang mahal ng juice. But oh well, at least feeling welcome ka. Pero sana hindi naman yung usual lang na mango shake or something. I’d rather yung parang kung sang place ka, yung kahit papaano e medyo unique drink na signature ng place na yun. Wala lang. Naisip ko lang.

Anyway, we toured around the hotel grounds. Maganda naman sya. Malayo nga lang sa bayan, pero ayos lang. Tahimik. Relax-mode naman talaga ang habol ko dito sa Palawan, tutal sobrang napagod ako sa Bora, Baguio and Dagupan. Time to chill.

We decided to eat sa bayan. Para ma-tour man lang kahit konti, ganun. So we went to this resto na mukhang masarap naman yung food dahil sa ambiance. Buti na lang pala we went here, kasi one of the waitresses e nag-o-OJT lang pala dun and is currently enrolled as a Tourism student, so she was able to give us information about the place, where to go, what to do, etc. Kahit hindi na nga namin itanong nasagot na nya.

The food. The food was delish. Tas adventurous kasi ako kahit papaano, na when we go to a new place, I try to at least try local cuisine. This time, it was “Lato” or sea-grapes. Para syang miniature grapes (kasing-laki ng munggo) na kulay neon green. Masarap sya. Kaso, I think we had too much of it kasi the following day, well. Let’s just say humilab yung tiyan namin ng kapatid ko and we used the CR waaaay too often. Tas kahit naka-ilang Diatabs or Imodium na kami, sumasakit pa din tiyan namin and we still rushed to the CR when we had to go. Ugh.

So medyo naudlot yung plano naming island hopping for the second day. E yun pa naman yung araw ng birthday ni ate. Ang saya lang. 😛

Anyway, bago pa man kami saktan ng tiyan, we climbed the 700+ steps of Mt. Tapyas. Takte extra challenge! Mom only had enough strength to go up 300+ steps. Ate and I went up to the top, took pics, and went down to where mom was. Sabi ko gusto ko abangan yung sunset, so nung malapit na, I went up again. So basically, I climbed about 1100+ steps total. Pagod pero sulit naman. I took shots of the sunset. Sayang lang I didn’t have an SLR camera, mas maganda sana yung labas. Oh well.

Balik tayo sa second day. Since masama na nga pakiramdam ni ate, mom and I decided to check out the hot springs na lang. Ang layo din pala nun, tas ang mahal ng pamasahe! P300 roundtrip! Takte. E parang promo fare na ng Cebu Pacific yun a! Yun ngang roundtrip ko going to CDO last year P600+ lang binayaran ko e. 😐

Hot springs. Oks naman sya. Mainit nga naman, sarap sa laman. Kaso. Ayun. Tyempo sumasakit na din tiyan ko. BUTI NA LANG MAY CR! Augh. Saya. Dun talaga ako inabutan. So after nung incident na yun, we went back to the hotel na tas nung nasa kwarto, salit kami ni ate sa paggamit ng CR. Pagkatapos nya, ako naman. Pagkatapos ko, minsan sya naman. Some vacation this is turning out to be. Second day: planned island hopping naging sleep-all-you-can day.

Third day, medyo ok-ok na kami ni ate, but we bought Diatabs just in case. So ngayon na lang namin tinuloy yung island-hopping. Mula sa bayan, pinuntahan na namin yung boating service, bought food for lunch, got some snorkeling gear then off we went!

Actually this was a very nice day. Hindi masyadong maaraw, tama lang. We went snorkeling ni ate, and the underwater scenes are just breathtaking. We went to a total of five places, I think. Siete Picados for snorkeling, Kayangan Lake for some swimming (freshwater, so medyo nakakapanibago after just coming from saltwater), Banol Beach to eat lunch (which was just divine), Twin Lagoon na sobrang lalim, medyo nakakatakot, and CYC Island just for a bit of shallow water swim. Di na kami tumuloy sa Barracuda Lake kasi aakyat pa ata and mom was tired na from climbing the trail just to get to Kayangan Lake. Pero oks lang, worth it pa din. 🙂

After that, we had dinner na lang sa hotel and prepped our things para ready na for our departure the next day. So nung last day, we just had breakfast sa hotel, got our luggage, and went home. It was a mix of good and bad experiences (I mean, there were some trash pa e parang I was expecting Coron to be really clean), but overall, it was a relaxing trip. Can’t say I’ll be back, though. Medyo mahal din kasi. But overall, a must-visit. 😀