Today is a day of grieving

I’ve been a fan of electronic dance music for maybe more than two years now. Basically I’m still an infant as a fan, but I’ve been trying to chug as many tunes as possible. The man responsible for making me fall in love with this kind of music (to be precise: falling in love with trance music) is none other than Ferry Corsten.

Ferry single-handedly made trance to what it is today (according to almost everywhere on the web), and spanning more than 20 years of experience with producing various genres of electronic dance music, it’s kinda easy to see him experiment with almost everything.

Just not this. Remixing a Justin Bieber song, for someone of his caliber is just really… I actually don’t know what to think. Or feel.

I thought it was a hoax. I genuinely thought some guy remixed it and just put Ferry’s name. That it was some kind of deliberate attempt to… I dunno, whatever. But after a day, my hero, the guy who made trance meaningful for me, confirmed that he did, in fact, remix a song of JB’s.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not angry, at all. Nor will I ever. I love Ferry so much. But I can’t help feeling hurt for some reason. I’m still a fan, a big one at that, but I feel the need to mourn. He’s brought EDM-lovers so much for two decades, those will not be forgotten. But this? I dunno.


Network Review: Showtime

First, I was watching Weeds. Then, I got hooked on Dexter. Just this year, I got into The Big C. Now I’m also watching Shameless.

The thing that these TV series have in common: Showtime.

What I like about their programs is that everything just feels so organic, well-acted and well-written. It’s very realistic, and the shows don’t usually resort to overhyping and extensive, down-your-throat advertising. Actually, most are under the radar. Their other shows include Californication (stars David Duchovny), United States of Tara (Toni Collette), Nurse Jackie (Edie Falco) and Episodes (Matt LeBlanc).

The shows are so damn good (as far as I’ve watched) and you can really relate to most of them. And usually, when I do watch a series (like Buffy, Ally McBeal, Grey’s Anatomy), I don’t root for the lead character. But with Dexter, Weeds and The Big C, the leads are my favorite. Maybe the actors are just doing one heck of a job, I dunno. Maybe their characters are written brilliantly, I dunno. Or maybe it’s the combination of all the elements present that makes their characters so very likable and relatable, I dunno. But what I do know is that I can’t wait for new episodes to come, just so I can watch my favorites try to live out their lives, as dysfunctional as they are.

And I have got to play catch up with Dexter’s season 5 and Weeds seasons 3-6. Then finish the first 5-6 episodes of both Shameless and Episodes, hunt down seasons 1-3 of United States of Tara and Nurse Jackie, and after that? Try watching Californication and The Secret Diary of a Call Girl. I have a lot of TV to watch. Really damn fine TV programming. And I am very happy for the challenge. 🙂

Want a piece of bliss?

I love chocolate. I only know of a few people who don’t necessarily subscribe to the same addiction as I do, so this must be a common thing. But I’m just assuming, as I don’t know everyone.

It started out pretty severe, actually. When I was younger, I used to devour white chocolate by the bars (as in plural). Technically, white chocolate isn’t even chocolate any more as there’s really little to no cocoa in it. College years, my health instincts kicked in, and sooner than expected, my tongue began a shift in taste, this time I enjoyed dark chocolate. Before I couldn’t take the taste of it. “Too bitter,” I declared. Signs of aging ata ito. Hahahaha…

So lemme share my addiction with you guys. I’ve always had a sweet tooth (or teeth, kasi parang lahat naman sila nakiki-fiesta), so chocolate wouldn’t be far from my lust-list of must-gorge-on food.

My chocoholic pick #1: Mrs. Fields Fudge Brownies.

What mouth-watering crumbs you have, Brownie...

O di ba? Picture pa lang, nananakam na ko. Manakam ka na din, dear reader. Mejo mahal lang to, like per piece, you’ll shell out about P99. If you buy three, you’ll pay lang P199. It’s like buy 2 take 1. Pero I think it’s worth the price, kasi it’s so delectable and moist and chewy and delicious and heavenly. This is like the best brownies I’ve ever tasted in my whole life. I’m almost drooling as I type this.

My chocoholic pick #2: Max Brenner Caramel Frappe


Obey the glass. Drink it, you know you want to...

And here I thought ultimate na yung mga Frappuccino sa Starbucks. Wrong! When I first tasted this, mga lagpas two years ago, the first sip was like a revelation, seriously. Ang sarap nya. The flavors combined in such a nice way, flowing smoothly from my lips to tickle my taste buds until it finally reaches my throat and I am more than quite satisfied. It’s that amazing. More or less, it costs around P150, pero medyo maliit lang sya for the price, mga sinlaki lang ng tall sa Starbucks. Pero ok lang, well worth the money. Saka napansin ko, hindi nagca-clump yung yelo, so maiinom mo almost to the last drop ng walang hassle. Sa Greenbelt 5 na lang sya meron, kasi nagsara na yung sa TriNoma, which I hate. Oh well.

My chocoholic pick #3: Royce Champagne Chocolate


Melt in your tongue goodness!

This was recommended to me by a friend. A box costs around P500, so it’s quite pricey.  Apparently, their best-seller is this one, the Champagne Chocolate. So I bought a box while I was with my family, and when we tasted it… Whoa! Truly remarkable! It just really melts on your tongue, making you savor all these delicious things. Heaven, it felt like I was up in heaven, chocolate-high. Damn amazing chocolates. Di na nga to umabot ng bahay e, since it might melt din. It comes in an aluminum case with a bag of ice, so I’m assuming it would not survive the trip home, ice or no ice.

My chocoholic pick #4: Chcolate Decadent Cake by Jack’s Loft Eastwood


The name says it all: Decadent.

I actually also tasted the one in TriNoma, but it didn’t live up to my expectations. Because the one I tried in Jack’s Loft’s Eastwood branch? The bomb! You could really feel the decadence that the name of the cake implies. It’s rich, creamy, moist and the flavors just meld together to send your endorphins blasting all around, making you unbelievably happy. Habang kinakain ko sya ang naiisip ko lang e “ang decadent naman nito” hanggang maubos. The name was that apt.

So there you go. I also want to try Chocolate Fire in Makati. Maybe my college buddies and I will go there and see if they are any good. Saka namimiss ko na yung Soft Baked Chunky cookies ng Chips Ahoy! kasi di na yata nila ginagawa or phased-out na or masama lang silang tao at pinagkakait nila sa kin yun. 😛

Happy eating, everyone! Indulge! 😀

Movie Review: RPG Metanoia

I’m of the opinion that the local film industry has been lacking in quality for years now. Sure, there are gems that you can at least say “Hey, I watched that,” but that’s too few and far between. Most of the films produced locally are either just to earn money or just to… earn money. Even the indie films are not really that good (most are just made because there’s hype for it).

So to watch something worthwhile, something extraordinary, is a gift. RPG Metanoia is one of those. The quality and the execution is damn near perfect. Granted, the local digital technology may take a few more years until it reaches the same level that Pixar is on, but I think due to this film, we’re well on our way.

Some spoilers ahead:

I liked that the story presented the local Pinoy culture: tricycles for transportation; street games like patintero, taguan, tumbang preso, agawan base, piko, sipa, touch ball, etc; the use of “Po” and “Opo,” familial ties even when one of the parents are abroad, and more.

I also like the quality of the animation. The animators made sure that there’s a difference between the “real world” versus the “game world” because the story is basically about the MMORPG (Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game) “Metanoia.” The audience can see a subtle difference, at least.

I liked the details of the environment. Alam mo kasing masusi yung quality control because everything was familiar. If you grew up here in Manila (or basta within the Philippines), you’ve probably seen some of the stuff they’ve included like the circular garden chairs, tindahan and such.

The voice acting was also top-notch, kaso sana they didn’t get na lang well-known actors. I could identify Aga Muhlach, Eugene Domingo and Vhong Navarro. Hindi nila naiba yung boses nila enough so that the characters could remain as themselves, rather than being voiced by their respective actors.

Pero overall, this a major step in local digital animation. First full-feature film ba naman na fully animated e. Pati yung fight scenes, bilib. or sabi nga sa movie “Astiiiig!”

As for the characters, likable naman lahat, but fave ko yung mga hirit ni Mark at yung mga non-hirit ni Daniel. And if you will be catching it (please do), wag muna kayong aalis until matapos yung credits. Parang X-Men the Last Stand lang.

I’ll give it 4 out of 5 stars. Till the next one! And excellent job, Ms. Ana Katrina Pangilinan! 🙂

Movie Review: Charlie St. Cloud

Charlie St. Cloud

Movie Poster

So I caught this on September 28 for free, courtesy of my good friend Ehm. Premiere passes = awesomesauce. 😀

Basically, from the trailer, guy got into a car accident, and kid brother dies. Charlie (Zac Efron) blames himself for his brother’s death. And after the funeral, he begins to see his brother’s ghost, and from there, he fulfills his promise to train his kid brother (now deceased) on baseball. After some time, Charlie meets some girl, and begins to spend time away from his ghost brother. Yeah, sorry. That’s about as articulate as I can make it. 😛

Spoilers below. Do not read unless… Well, you want to be spoiled. I’ll try to minimize the details if I can.

One word came to mind while I was watching: CREEPY.

The general story was ok. It wasn’t really special, and will not make you scream “Oh my God this is the best movie of the year/decade/century/millenia.” It wasn’t bad, but I don’t think it’s worth PhP 180 just to catch it in theaters. Wait for it on HBO, maybe.

There was some twist to the story that made my skin crawl. Kinda. (See? Even this review is mediocre at best).

The dialogue was ok. The character development was kind of lacking. There was a general feeling that the characters weren’t really that well-rounded. You can get some quirks here and there, how they are, what they like, but they don’t really feel fleshed out. It seems like the story was driving itself, then there are characters present as plot devices, when this is basically a story about some guy who can see ghosts, so I expected it to be much more character driven. And, yeah, there are more than one ghost in the film, hence the “creepy” comment. Cue Haley Joel Osment saying “I can see dead people.”

Anyways, the story was kinda predictable as well. And you can basically see the entire story from the trailer. The movie was just the lengthened version.

Most of the movie-goers I think were female. The one beside me exclaims how hot Zac Efron is every time he appears on screen, which is like the entire length of the movie. Then again, I think the film mostly caters to his market/fans/the general populace of manyak girls and maybe gay guys. Hahaha… Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 😛

So, general rating for the movie? About 2 out of 5 stars. It could’ve been better. I like what message the film was trying to convey, but as far as execution goes, I’ve seen more worthwhile flicks, and this really ain’t one of them.

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Review: P&P Tattoo

Since this is basically a review blog (of sorts), I’ll delve into reviewing! This is related to my previous post about my ink, which I got from P&P Tattoo.

First up, this is my first time inside an actual tattoo parlor, so my only expectations about the place were from watching Miami Ink and LA Ink. Since I’m a graphic designer, I think I fit in nicely, but I’m not as rambunctious yet. Maybe if I’d been hanging out with them for years, I will be. LOL!

I like the vibe inside. Artsy and comfortable. And roomy. You won’t really feel out of the loop (especially if you’re the artistic type). They have a big LCD TV (which was showing Salt), the shop is well ventilated (kewl) and the service is great. They’re very friendly and accommodating; the artists clearly explain to you what works and what won’t and they always inform you about any change to your design (because I made my own), if they’ll alter it a bit. Very professional!

I felt comfortable during the entire stay. A friend was with me along with her kid sister, so I think that helped me ease up a bit, since this is new territory. But, again, the people there are nice and friendly, so I didn’t exactly have any problems whatsoever. At award-winning pa ata yung mga artists nila, so sobrang rock-on! And I agreed with the quote they have near the entrance: “Cheap tattoos aren’t great, and great tattoos aren’t cheap.” Or something along those lines.

All in all, I loved getting my first ever tattoo there. Highly recommended. And before the year ends, I might get another one and have it made at P&P. 😀

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