Pimp me! In a work-sense, okay? :D

Hello! I’m a bit back, in a sense, coz I wanna pimp myself. I need a freelance gig, y’all. If you know anyone needing a graphic designer on a per-project basis, well, I’m basically offering my services. Pretty please? Hahaha… Anyway, I think I’ve got the talent and the experience. I specialize on classy / high-end lifestyle layouts. But I also dabble with other designs to meet the client’s creative needs.

So here’s my current portfolio:

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Hahaha… Well, that’s basically it. Maybe I’ll touch-up this wordpress site some time to reflect my design sensibilities in order to sell myself in a manner that’s “conceptual” in a sense.

Till next time! πŸ˜€

Cinco de Mayo!

Another delayed post. Tinamad kasi ako mag-blog for some reason. Anyway…

I went out for Cinco de Mayo with my good friend Via, and we went to Agave at The Fort to celebrate. We don’t exactly know what the holiday is for, but heck, any happy excuse to drink loads of alcohol is good enough for me!

So we got there, perfect coz it was a Thursday, and ordered a bottomless Cancun Margarita each. Tas we ordered food na, and pretty soon, we were feeling the effects of the Tequila. Pero hindi sapat yung Margaritas lang. Of course we had to take shots of Tequila! Via even spotted a guy na mag-isa so she sent a shot his way. He went to our table and thanked Via, introduced himself (his name is Charlie) and apparently he’s American, a writer and is just here to relax. And yung girlfriend ata nya works for Agave.

Pretty soon, after chugging at least 10 glasses of Margarita and maybe 4 shots of Jose Cuervo Silver, feeling ko wala na akong ulirat. Pero meron pa naman. Iba na nga lang yung ngiti ko. πŸ˜› I was laughing loudly na and exchanging stories with Via and Charlie (who joined us at our table) while drinking up a storm. I think final count ko was 14 glasses of Margarita (probably more) and 7 shots of Tequila. I think I threw up pa nga sa CR, pero oks lang. At least I didn’t black out. Skyy Vodka lang ata nakakagawa sa kin nun for some reason.

So I was able to go home naman conscious, but Via got sick for several days. Hindi talaga sila bati ng Tequila. For me, I kinda like Tequila kasi, so oks lang. And buti I really don’t get hangovers kasi with the amount of alcohol I consumed, I guess for those who do get hangovers, well. Sabihin na lang natin na the morning after ain’t gonna be so much fun. Pero kahit na.

So parting words for y’all: Live life! Be adventurous! And celebrate! Cheers! πŸ˜€

#the2011SUPERVACAY! Part 3

Next stop, CORON! Takte, I was really excited for this one. I’ve never been to Palawan. And from what I’ve seen in photos, mukhang maganda sa Coron. And I’m going here with my family, coz we decided to celebrate ate’s birthday here. πŸ™‚

So first day, habang palanding pa lang yung plane, ayun, ang ganda na kagad ng view. Low mountains, trees everywhere, pure nature! Lalo tuloy akong na-excite. Last frontier ba naman ng Pilipinas e.

We got out na din kagad. Tas nakita na namin yung sundo namin papunta sa hotel. Ang layo pala. Tas may part pa nung highway na maraming cows grazing. Nakakatuwa lang. I mean, I’ve seen cows naman na, pero hindi ganun kadami. Ang cute lang nila minding their own business. πŸ˜€

When we got to the hotel, they gave us our complimentary drinks na. Uso na ata talaga yun sa mga pa-high-end na hotels, ano? As if naman ang mahal ng juice. But oh well, at least feeling welcome ka. Pero sana hindi naman yung usual lang na mango shake or something. I’d rather yung parang kung sang place ka, yung kahit papaano e medyo unique drink na signature ng place na yun. Wala lang. Naisip ko lang.

Anyway, we toured around the hotel grounds. Maganda naman sya. Malayo nga lang sa bayan, pero ayos lang. Tahimik. Relax-mode naman talaga ang habol ko dito sa Palawan, tutal sobrang napagod ako sa Bora, Baguio and Dagupan. Time to chill.

We decided to eat sa bayan. Para ma-tour man lang kahit konti, ganun. So we went to this resto na mukhang masarap naman yung food dahil sa ambiance. Buti na lang pala we went here, kasi one of the waitresses e nag-o-OJT lang pala dun and is currently enrolled as a Tourism student, so she was able to give us information about the place, where to go, what to do, etc. Kahit hindi na nga namin itanong nasagot na nya.

The food. The food was delish. Tas adventurous kasi ako kahit papaano, na when we go to a new place, I try to at least try local cuisine. This time, it was “Lato” or sea-grapes. Para syang miniature grapes (kasing-laki ng munggo) na kulay neon green. Masarap sya. Kaso, I think we had too much of it kasi the following day, well. Let’s just say humilab yung tiyan namin ng kapatid ko and we used the CR waaaay too often. Tas kahit naka-ilang Diatabs or Imodium na kami, sumasakit pa din tiyan namin and we still rushed to the CR when we had to go. Ugh.

So medyo naudlot yung plano naming island hopping for the second day. E yun pa naman yung araw ng birthday ni ate. Ang saya lang. πŸ˜›

Anyway, bago pa man kami saktan ng tiyan, we climbed the 700+ steps of Mt. Tapyas. Takte extra challenge! Mom only had enough strength to go up 300+ steps. Ate and I went up to the top, took pics, and went down to where mom was. Sabi ko gusto ko abangan yung sunset, so nung malapit na, I went up again. So basically, I climbed about 1100+ steps total. Pagod pero sulit naman. I took shots of the sunset. Sayang lang I didn’t have an SLR camera, mas maganda sana yung labas. Oh well.

Balik tayo sa second day. Since masama na nga pakiramdam ni ate, mom and I decided to check out the hot springs na lang. Ang layo din pala nun, tas ang mahal ng pamasahe! P300 roundtrip! Takte. E parang promo fare na ng Cebu Pacific yun a! Yun ngang roundtrip ko going to CDO last year P600+ lang binayaran ko e. 😐

Hot springs. Oks naman sya. Mainit nga naman, sarap sa laman. Kaso. Ayun. Tyempo sumasakit na din tiyan ko. BUTI NA LANG MAY CR! Augh. Saya. Dun talaga ako inabutan. So after nung incident na yun, we went back to the hotel na tas nung nasa kwarto, salit kami ni ate sa paggamit ng CR. Pagkatapos nya, ako naman. Pagkatapos ko, minsan sya naman. Some vacation this is turning out to be. Second day: planned island hopping naging sleep-all-you-can day.

Third day, medyo ok-ok na kami ni ate, but we bought Diatabs just in case. So ngayon na lang namin tinuloy yung island-hopping. Mula sa bayan, pinuntahan na namin yung boating service, bought food for lunch, got some snorkeling gear then off we went!

Actually this was a very nice day. Hindi masyadong maaraw, tama lang. We went snorkeling ni ate, and the underwater scenes are just breathtaking. We went to a total of five places, I think. Siete Picados for snorkeling, Kayangan Lake for some swimming (freshwater, so medyo nakakapanibago after just coming from saltwater), Banol Beach to eat lunch (which was just divine), Twin Lagoon na sobrang lalim, medyo nakakatakot, and CYC Island just for a bit of shallow water swim. Di na kami tumuloy sa Barracuda Lake kasi aakyat pa ata and mom was tired na from climbing the trail just to get to Kayangan Lake. Pero oks lang, worth it pa din. πŸ™‚

After that, we had dinner na lang sa hotel and prepped our things para ready na for our departure the next day. So nung last day, we just had breakfast sa hotel, got our luggage, and went home. It was a mix of good and bad experiences (I mean, there were some trash pa e parang I was expecting Coron to be really clean), but overall, it was a relaxing trip. Can’t say I’ll be back, though. Medyo mahal din kasi. But overall, a must-visit. πŸ˜€

#the2011SUPERVACAY! Part 2

Well, the second and third place I went to were not really for vacation per se, but it was interesting nonetheless. Second stop: Baguio and Dagupan. It was for HP’s Value Campaign 4 that I was involved in.

Baguio was kind of a welcome sight, since I’ve been here maybe three times before, usually for vacation. Last time I was in Baguio was Christmas 2009, so it was very cold, like jacket + thick pants + scarf weather. Yun bang pag humangin lang e tagos na sa buto yung lamig. This time, tolerable naman. Oks na yung kahit naka-t-shirt ka, although malamig pa din. Yung lamig tamang-tama lang pag tanghali, kahit wag na mag-jacket. So I bought some strawberries and other shit since I’m already here.

Dagupan. Well. I haven’t been to Dagupan pala. I thought nadadaanan namin to dati when we went to Ilocos and Baguio, but I guess hindi pala. Ang alam ko lang, mainit daw dito. Fortunately, nung nandun kami hindi naman. Pero naligaw kami looking for our “hotel.” I mean, uh, oks lang, pero I think kung ako pipili ng accommodation, I wouldn’t stay here. ‘Nuff said.

Both events were successful. Well, I think mas naging mabenta yung sa Dagupan compared to Baguio. Mas willing kasi magparticipate sa games yung mga taga-Dagupan e. But overall, maganda yung turnout pareho.

Actually, by this time, pagod na ko. One more trip to go!!!

#the2011SUPERVACAY! Part 1

BigFish Summer NRG Featuring FERRY CORSTEN!

My 2011 summer vacation started with a BIG BIG BANG! Β First stop: The beautiful island of Boracay! Well, my friend and I mainly went there to attend a rave because it’s headlined by no other than my fave DJ: FERRY CORSTEN! We weren’t supposed to go, but when we found out that he’s the main act, we booked our plane tickets immediately. Weeks before our flight, we found out that we got the plane tickets for free! That made me doubly excited. πŸ˜€

The event itself was held on April 23, so we went there on April 22-24. As in wala halos palugit, pero oks lang. First night was quiet, since it was a Good Friday. Clubs and bars started coming to life around midnight, so we went to BigFish’s “salubong” party and we danced like crazy people. Corny nung iba dun wala nakaupo lang, pero kami we just danced, danced and danced!

Saturday, the big day. We prepared like crazy. The first and last time I attended a Ferry Corsten rave was last year, May 21, so it’s been almost a year since I’ve seen him play. And that was also the event that introduced me to his awesome music, so I’ve been a fan ever since. My slogan is “Ferry Forever.” I’m just really in-love with his music. He’s based pa in Manila when he’s on tour around Asia, since his wife is a Filipina. πŸ™‚

Almost everything was planned, from our beach wardrobe to what we’ll be bringing to the event itself, stuff like LEDs, money, etc. We even got henna tattoos of Ferry’s “F” logo. The event started at 9pm, but since we’re latecomers (I’m a big believer that you shouldn’t go to a party early), we got there a little past 10. The BigFish event was a bit near another event, so there were lots of people walking around and going to other events/clubs/bars was a bit difficult. E ok lang, I didn’t want to miss a single beat from Summer NRG. Yun naman talaga ipinunta ko e. Sayang lang I didn’t get to meet up with some friends. Oh well.

Line up for the night: first was Patrick Hagenaar for Housexy. Second was Zoo Brazil. Inabot ng almost 3am yung first two acts, sobrang inip na inip na yung mga tao. We went here for Ferry goddammit! πŸ˜›

So when Ferry came on, pucha, “super wild” is an understatement. “Chaotic” is also an understatement. Tangina nagwala na ko. Nagwala na actually lahat ng tao. I’ve never seen this kind of chaos in Manila. Ang sarap talaga ng feeling to just let loose, let go and just feel the music, great music at that, and just dance abso-bloody-lutely wild! Sobrang intense! Namimiss ko tuloy ang Boracay. Whew.

I think he started with his new track “Feel It,” then followed with more awesome tracks. After a while lumipat na kami sa may harap. I am not going to miss going up front, be up-close and personal and just experience Ferry in all his awesomeness. And boy, did I dance. I was dancing since 10pm, and I’m not about to stop after just a few hours especially when my favorite DJ in the entire world is performing. I went absolutely bananas when he played “Made of Love,” “Punk” and “Twice In A Blue Moon.” E-A-R-G-A-S-M! TOTAL BLOODY EARGASM! πŸ˜€

The party ended a bit before 7am. May araw na, alangya. And I was dancing the entire time, so total hours dancing: 8 hours. My feet and legs hurt real bad after a day (I still have trouble walking), pero SUUUUPPPEEEER worth it. Kung meron ulit, I will not even hesitate to go.

BEST. HOLY. WEEK. EVER! Boracay na ko siguro magho-Holy Week lagi. And lastly, thank you so much for playing here again, Mr. Ferry Corsten. I am in absolute awe. FERRY FOREVER! πŸ˜€


One day you’re just living your life, working, interacting with people, smiling, laughing, calling a lover in the middle of the night, or maybe a friend, getting scolded by your parents. Then the next day, maybe even the next minute, poof. You’re gone.

Death is one of the most abstract things that I can possibly name. It’s not that it doesn’t have an explanation (biological functions cease to operate caused by a number of fatal reasons which may be natural or otherwise), but it’s just hard to grasp most of the time. Especially when you do know the person who died, it is really difficult and it takes a long time for acceptance to settle in, if it ever even does. Some people can’t even properly move on years down the line.

This is why I also don’t understand suicide or suicidal tendencies. A friend seriously considered this. I find this train of thought baffling. Some people, they want to live, really live, yet they die anyway from various causes; it can be from a fatal disease. from an accident, or from being murdered, and as gruesome that thought is, it is also a possibility.

I’m not saying I haven’t thought of taking my own life when I was depressed, but I got over those thoughts quickly, because a bigger part of me thinks that the entire thing is just too damn pathetic to be even an option. Sure, I make inappropriate jokes about slashing my wrists, especially during Valentine’s Day (well, I am single), but to me, I wouldn’t ever be serious about killing myself.

Life is a gift. Life is too damn precious just to throw away. And I’ve got so much to live for. We all do. Every day, every freaking minute is a fight for survival. I live to love. To smile. To laugh, as loud as I can. Life is not just about existing.Β Life, to me, is all about living every possibility, every story. Life is an experience waiting to happen.

We should all be grateful that we get a chance to live our lives to the fullest, as clichΓ© as that sounds. But clearly, I think we owe ourselves that.

Tequila Thursday!

So… Mukhang meron na akong per day habit. Daily habit sana, kaso wala pa ko for Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Makaisip na nga.

Just another up, out and about with mah friends. Destination: Agave at Bonifacio Highstreet. Subject: BOTTOMLESS MARGARITAS! Taena eto na naman tayo sa inuman, Ralph e. πŸ˜›

Food was excellent, save for that one thing a friend ordered, yung parang triple ek-ek consisting of tomato-tasting rice (paella siguro), cheese burrito (na lasang cheap na cheddar cheese), beans and lumpiang Shanghai. I ordered the chicken burrito, which tasted just oh-so-fine. Other friends ordered the following: Calamari, skewered thingamabobs (not the actual name), beef hard shell tacos (iba yung naisip ko nung tinatanong nung waitress kung soft daw ba o hard), and Crispy Pata.

That Cancun margarita was just heaven in a cocktail glass. Potent enough to be enjoyed, but not too deadly that it’ll cause blackouts (see previous post). And again, BOTTOMLESS SYA! I was like a kid in a candy store, except obviously, mas mura yung kendi. πŸ˜› I had like maybe 7 or 8, well, I actually lost count after the 4th refill. Strawberries + pineapples + tequila + crushed ice is pure WIN! πŸ˜€

I remembered naman how I got home. I was actually conscious pa. So no, those blackouts rarely happen.

Hope everyone had a happy Thursday. And have a happier weekend, everyone! πŸ˜€

Tagaytay and Trainer Tuesday!

Hello, madlang people!Β So, actually, hindi ko alam kung paano ko to ike-kwento, pero ang random kasi nitong araw na to. I love spontaneity pa naman. πŸ™‚

So last week, I was supposed to go a full week working for a medium-sized ad agency in Makati. Went in Monday, but it didn’t “feel” right. So I just called it a day, brought some work home, and mulled it over. Had a talk with my sister the day after, at 5am. I felt as if I’d be earning a lot more if I just focus on jobs that I can do at home, so I just sent an email with the finished layouts, and told them that I’ll be prioritizing my other freelance work.

So Tuesday, I was free na to accompany a friend for lunch. Where? Tagaytay. Sa Sonya’s. Biglaan lang to a. Hahahaha… But I love Tagaytay, and I’m kaladkarin, so yun, go! Lunch sa Tagaytay. Parang nasa kanto lang.

Food was amazing. Sorry, we didn’t have cameras with us. ‘Sides, kakain na rin lang naman, kelangan pa bang kunan? E gutom na kami, so lumamon na lang! Hehehe… First course was a salad meal. Orgasmic yung dressing, basta, ibang klase. Leafy veggies (of course), tas our choice of other fruits and veggies to put on our salad. May mangoes, melon cubes, singkamas wedges, etc. Actually the salad alone was filling na.

Second course: pasta. Oks lang, nothing too mind-blowing but not bad either. Your choice of tomato or cream based sauce, tas a wide range of toppings to choose from: olives, shitake mushrooms, fish, etc. I love olives so dun pa lang, solb na ko. Teka naglalaway ako habang nagta-type wait. Hahahaha… Even the juice is somewhat… unique? Well, maybe not too unique, pero meron herb thing, which made it feel more refreshing.

Then of course, dessert. The dessert was kind of a throwaway. Nothing too fancy, just a thin slice of chocolate cake, a bunch of turon like things, and other sweets that I don’t really know the names of. We had tea na din during dessert. Grabe, hebigat sa tiyan. But for P600 per person? Di na masama.

Going to Tagaytay, I was texting with another friend kasi nagpapatulong sya sa P90X. Sabi ko available naman ako that night, kaso baka medyo late pa since manggagaling nga kami ng Tagaytay. We agreed to meet na lang at Makati, Greenbelt or Glorietta, since bibili din pala sya ng equipment. E maaga din pala kaming makakarating ng Makati kasi kahit medyo late na kami nakaalis, mabilis lang yung biyahe kasi wala namang traffic jams sa SLEX.

So naghiwalay na kami ni V since may dinner pa sya with friends, and I met na with C. Yun, tinulungan ko na lang to the best of my abilities sa pagbili ng equipment. Tas we had dinner before we went to his place. Maganda yung place nya, cozy. Anyway, nag-setup na kami for his work-out tas I just guided him if needed. Ayaw ko din kasi mabigla. Better na gradual yung pag-exercise kesa mabigla, as far as I’m concerned.

Tas yun. Hinatid na lang nya ako sa meron akong pwedeng sakyan pauwi, got home in 16 minutes (from Shaw Boulevard to Mindanao Avenue, woot killer bus!).

One thing I realized? It’s good to make new friends. There are a lot of awesome people around. So V and C, cheers to you! I’m fortunate to get to know you guys. πŸ˜€

…Whut happened?

Seriously, this is the third time this happened. I blacked out after drinking too much. Well, I’m not exactly sure how much vodka I had, maybe 4 glasses, but that was after gulping down half a bottle of red wine. Think that helped my amnesia case?

Backtrack: Late afternoon, meet-up with my friends at Podium. Catching up, then planned to go to The Fort to pick up my friend’s friend no. 1 and then went to Magallanes to pick up my friend’s friend no. 2. Then went back to The Fort to eat dinner.

Food at Bordeaux was nice, and so was the red wine: Manny O. I’m not really a wine person, but that was really good. Sweet. I couldn’t even detect the grape flavor so much, which is good because I’m not a fan of grape juice hence not a fan of wine. Anyway… Oh, and we were joined by my friend’s Β friend no. 3 there.

So my friend and I gulped down the contents of the bottle because her other friends aren’t really drinking. After finishing it off, we headed to Encore to check out the place. And when we got there, maybe it was a tad early but there was no crowd. Outside. At all. But we still went in to check the place out. Er… Well, let’s just say medyo nilangaw ata. Walang katao-tao. Then again, hindi naman na yata masyadong “in” ang Encore nowadays. Especially after Embassy has been attracting the not-so-desirable-crowd before they changed it to Encore.

So, after less than five minutes inside, we decided that the place bombed and we headed off to Seventh High (formerly Club Ascend). May pila sa labas, very nice. Good thing my friend got a table, so we skipped the line (and I let friend no. 3 borrow my coat because he was wearing a t-shirt, a Seventh High no-no). Once inside, we got things set and just enjoyed the music. We’re not really into R&B but hey, what can you do? There isn’t really a dedicated trance club here in Manila. Plus, the drinks at Seventh High are really affordable compared to other clubs. Way cool. Loved the ambiance though.

After a few hours of dancing, talking, smoking (I only smoke while drinking), we left at 1am (I think). Once outside, I just got my coat back and that’s pretty much all I can remember, because the next thing I know I was waking up on my bed, with my sister knocking on the front door. Coins were on the bed, my clothes are everywhere, and I couldn’t find my wallet. Turns out I lost it.

I don’t really have a clue how I got home, what I rode going home. I don’t even know if I did take a cab. Saya noh?

Third time this has happened. First was Bohol (company outing), that was courtesy of 2 glasses of white wine and several glasses of vodka-Sprite (Absolut then Skyy). Second, I was with my grade school-mates. We took shots of brandy and I used my cocktail (a mixture of Gran Matador, The BaR strawberry vodka, Tang strawberry and C2) as chaser. I vaguely remember how I got home that night. Now this. Le sigh. This is partly why I wanna give up drinking. Or not. Hahahaha…

But it’s still fun. I just really gotta learn when to stop and recognize when I’m drunk, but not too drunk and not able to function. Hindi ko man lang alam kung na-rape na pala ako hahahaha… πŸ˜›

Yun lang naman. Hope y’all had a happy weekend! Oh, and nakuha ko din naman yung wallet ko after two days. Nasa gas station somewhere. πŸ˜›

Emergency! Emergency!

Read all about it!

I want to ask you right now, if a disaster the level of the recent Japan earthquake/tsunami/nuke reactor instability occurs, are you and your family prepared? Take note, the Philippine government is not as effective as Japan’s, so one can’t really expect much from them.

Tremors happen all the time, but most go unnoticed because they aren’t usually strong enough to cause a calamity. However, recent ones that happened here in the Philippines have been powerful enough to be felt, though they didn’t really cause any damage. Still, it’s enough to get a person like me rattled, and I’m almost usually calm and cool (just don’t piss me off, I can probably tear you a new one). Instead of waiting for Mother Nature to fully unleash her fury like a woman who’s PMS-ing, better prepare an emergency bag. Y’know, just in case.

Some of the things you'll need

So, what should you pack? Just off the top of my head: 3 (or more) days worth of clothing (shirts, shorts/pants, underwear), a jacket, a towel, a first aid kit, toiletries, IDs, important legal documents, flashlights, batteries, swiss knife, water container (with water), metal bowls/cups, utensils, cash (in small bills), cellphone and charger (maybe extra batteries), lighter and matches, candles, N95 respiration mask, gloves, a list of emergency hotline numbers, non-perishable food (nuts, energy bars, granola bars), canned goods with can opener, a sleeping bag/blanket/mat, water purification tablets, notebook, pen, marker, whistle, photos of loved ones for identification purposes… Er, those are all I can remember.

Anyway, you can check this out:Β http://72hours.org/go_bag.html or thisΒ http://journal.drfaulken.com/building-a-personal-emergency-bag/ so you can have more ideas on what to do.

Better be safe than sorry. And there’s no need to be scared if you are prepared, ayt? πŸ™‚